Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter 2012

Wow- This is my first time writing a new post in a long time, and Blogger has changed their site!  It's very weird.  So hopefully I can upload pictures without too much trouble.  I've been very lazy and haven't posted any pictures of Easter, which was a month ago.  I didn't actually take that many pictures on Easter, which is kind of nice now, because it's not so overwhelming.  Let's see, let me think back...

Ah, yes!  We were ambitious and got up early and went to church at 7:15.  It was early, but I was prepared.  I had breakfast and toys/activities ready to go in the diaper bag, and we basically woke the boys up around 6:50, got them dressed, and left the house at 7:00.  Our church is big, and Easter service is always packed, which was a big part of why I wanted to go at 7:15.  Good choice!  We got to park right by the church, instead of across the street, we had our choice of seats without Grandma going early to save them for us (we're spoiled, I know), and never had to fight a crowd at all.  It was pretty close to the perfect church service.  Engaging, relatable, interesting, and not crowded.  And we were done by 8:45 (maybe even 8:30- it was a month ago, so I really don't remember)!

We got home  and got a quick picture of all three boys before getting to our egg hunt. I love this picture, although Jake's hair could be better.  It wasn't very curly that day.

Once Jake figured out that some of his eggs had candy in them, he wanted to open every single one and eat whatever he could.

He definitely liked his new Elmo, a.k.a. Lala, eggs.

 Jake went up for a nap while Zach and Drew finished their hunting.  First, though, they found their baskets and checked out the goodies in them.  I was proud of myself- I really scaled back on Easter baskets this year.  The boys all got a couple of books (Drew's were books I had stored in our storage room for at least a year that were intended to go to Zach a while ago), a sticker book (something I intended to give them at Christmas but forgot), a car that lights up (another forgotten stocking stuffer), an umbrella (for Zach and Drew), a ball (Jake), a small game for each kid, and the eggs with a little candy and some coins.  I think that was it.  Listing it like that it doesn't sound like much of a scale-back, but really, it was.  Oh, and a pair of flip-flops for each kid, I guess.  Drew's were saved from his birthday.  I guess I do a lot of buying gifts and then changing my mind, so then they get saved until later.  Might be a habit I should break...

I really can't remember what happened the rest of the day, but I know it was a pretty quiet day.  We had celebrated the night before with Grandpa Kevin, Grandma Cynthia, and Aunt Katherine, so we just ended up making homemade pizza for dinner and having a nice family day.