Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter 2013

I guess I never posted any pictures from Easter, so, with little commentary, here they are!

First, we went to church Saturday night.  When the kids are older I will deal with the craziness of our church on Easter morning, but for now, I'd rather deal with it on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Here they are in their Easter duds.

Then, Sunday morning.  This year I was very cognizant of what I got for the Easter baskets.  I wanted to keep it simple.  Each kid got a book (Zach- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Drew- Marvel Superheroes, Jake- Star Wards 123), some M&Ms and jelly beans in plastic eggs, a strawberry cream heart, a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup bunny, a little flower-growing kit, a flashlight from the dollar bin at Target (because they are always fighting over our 2 flashlights), a torpedo for the pool this summer, a pack of gum (Zach and Drew only, of course, which is why Jake got 2 torpedoes- they come in a 4 pack anyway) and 2 gold dollars that I forgot to put in their stockings.  About 2 weeks after Easter I realized I forgot to put the sunglasses I had purchased for each of them in their baskets, so I guess I'll continue the trend and save those for their stockings in December.  Or, they'll get them some random time, when they have each lost the other pairs they got in their stockings a few months ago.  Who am I kidding?  The sunglasses they got at Christmas appear to be missing about 3 days a week, so they may get their glasses today.

This was the note Zach left for the Easter bunny the night before.

Some of the eggs were hidden so hard, we had a tough time finding them in the morning.  I was reminded of my own Easters as a kid, because it seems that happened at our house, where the Easter bunny couldn't even remember where a few eggs were.

The boys really enjoyed their egg hunt.  Jake kept sneaking candy, which was fine.  Zach wasn't initially excited about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but once I talked him into reading it, he loved it.  I think we may watch the original movie this weekend as a treat.

We usually celebrate Easter with Mike's dad and stepmom, but since his dad was out of town, just Cynthia, Katherine, and Sam came over for brunch and stayed to play awhile.  It was a very nice and low-key holiday.