Friday, July 19, 2013

Dam to Dam and Clear Lake 2013

A few pictures from this year's Dam to Dam race, which I ran with my friend Johnny.  We had a good race and finished a couple of minutes faster than last year.  The boys all ran the kids races and loved the thrill of racing.

Zach's race was first and was longest.  You can just see him in this picture in the red shirt and gray pants.  He didn't win, but I think he enjoyed himself.

I wasn't able to get a picture of Drew because I was kind of running with him.  I also ran with Jake, but it was much easier to get a picture of him.  Both Drew and Jake thought it was a blast to run.

After the races were over we got a picture of the 4 runners.

We got home from the race, showered up, and headed out to Clear Lake with our friends the Elfers.  The house we stayed at belongs to Mrs. Taylor, Drew's preschool teacher, who is our friend's mother.  We had a fun time with all 6 boys (Zach, Remick (age 6.5), Clay (5), Drew, Briggs (almost 3), and Jake, although the weather wasn't great.  It was pretty chilly, and I think I wore my jeans and sweatshirt all weekend.  We did manage to do some fun things like ride the boat out on the lake and go putt-putt golfing, though.

Drew's Preschool Graduation

Since there's less than a month until Drew starts kindergarten, it seems like a good time to finally post the pictures from his preschool graduation that was 2 months ago.  Can't believe how big this kid is getting!

He is totally into the dancing here.  I love it.

Jake used his telescope to help him see the stage better.

And now cue the mental flash-forwards to his high school graduation and the accompanying tears.

He loved his teacher, Mrs. Taylor.

Jake was clearly thrilled about this family photo op.

Drew and his best friend, Clay, who also happens to be Mrs. Taylor's grandson.

Love this kid!