Friday, July 10, 2009

Ring Around the Rosie

Yesterday the boys and I had some good playtime in the basement. I'm often resistant to playing in the basement, but then I give in and have a lot of fun. Anyway, yesterday didn't start out so fun, because Zach was in a bad mood, and was being a baby about everything. He had a long train on the train table, probably so he could use all the train cars and Drew wouldn't have any. Then Zach walked away and Drew picked up Gordon and started playing with him. Zach came back and still had about 10 cars making up his train, but it just would not work if he didn't have Gordon. He got all teary about it, and tried to trade Percy for Gordon, but Drew wasn't having it. I think Drew probably thought he had Thomas, as he loves Thomas and sees him in some of our books. Percy, being green, doesn't look the same as Thomas and Gordon, who are both blue. So Zach cried about that, and he cried about something else, and it was all quite annoying that the four year-old was acting like a baby.

A little later Drew was trying to get past Zach and kind of pushed him in the face, which Zach of course did not appreciate, especially given his crabby mood. I said to Drew, "Drew, that's not nice. You need to say say 'Excuse me,'" to Zach. So Drew did his sign for thank you (must be interchangeable in his mind, I guess) and did his little "mah" noise, and then about 2 seconds later, leaned down to Zach's face and gave him the sweetest little kiss. It was the first time I've seen Drew give a kiss without being asked first. And Zach didn't even get mad or wipe it off like he often does.

After that we played some soccer, some basketball, some t-ball, and Drew did a little golfing (actually standing up and hitting the golf ball with his club- we're making progress here!), and then we played this horsey game we do in music class where we say a little rhyme and gallop around. At the end we fall down on the ground, and it was so cute to see Drew do it. I tried to get it on video, but by the time I got the video camera down there, we'd already done it a few times, and Drew had lost interest. But then we started doing Ring Around the Rosie, and I got some of that on video. After the song I got Drew to show me some of his body parts- I randomly started asking him about his body parts the other day and was amazed at what he knew, because we haven't practiced this a whole lot. Oh, and please ignore the weird noise I make when the boys fall down in the beginning. I don't know what was going on with that.

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