Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drew's First Haircut

Well, the time finally came for Drew's first haircut. I loved his curls so much for so long, but with the summer humidity gone, those curls just weren't as curly or as cute. It was just getting a little unruly. Plus, combing Drew's hair after a bath was not fun- there were always snarls, and I don't know any person who likes combing through snarls, let alone a toddler who handles it well. Also, we're getting some family pictures taken this weekend, so I wanted Drew at his absolute cutest.

Here's the back of his head before any cutting took place.

I think back to Zach's first haircut, and I remember it fairly well. We went to the mall, and we had a young gal cut it. Zach sat there so nicely, with tears in his eyes, but sitting very still. I shed a tear or two seeing his curls go. We knew Drew's first haircut would not be so easy, so we went in armed and ready with snacks and his favorite stuffed animal. *Disclaimer- Mike and I had just gotten back from a kickboxing class, so in these pictures I have wet hair from just showering.

Right away, Drew was unhappy with the spray bottle.

Molly really is great- she was able cut Drew's hair without messing up ever, even though he was wiggling and turning away from her every chance he got.

My sister Sandy had mentioned how much Anders loves Fig Newtons, so I decided to buy some Strawberry Newtons to feed to Drew during his haircut. I decided to whet his appetite a little by giving him a Strawberry Newton at lunch, and wouldn't you know it, that kid would not touch it! So I had to go to Plan B, which meant alternately offering Drew animal crackers and candy corn. That seemed to work pretty well.

Cutting the hair on the top of Drew's head was probably the most challenging. He has some long hair up there, but not a lot of it, so we had to keep it a little long until the hair fills in more.

Amazingly, Drew stood very still while Molly used the trimmer on his neck- it was almost like he didn't realize she was doing it. He did seem mesmerized by the train Zach was playing with.

Here we are after it was all said and done. Overall, Drew did better than I expected him to.

Zach decided he needed to get in on a picture, too. This is such a good picture of Zach and Molly.

Today I finally got a couple of pictures of just Drew, front and back, to show his new look. Though the actual curls are gone, the waves are still there, which surprised us a little bit.

Here's my big boy! I love his new look. I don't miss the curls, because I just think he looks so cute with his hair short like this. Thanks, Molly, for doing such a great job! Now we know his hair will look great for the pictures, but can someone guarantee us that he'll be cooperative and smile?


Wehrenberg Family Blog said...

So Cute!! Good luck with the pictures! We had some taken last weekend for a fundraiser at the school, and I was dreading it! I told them if you just listen and do what they ask us to do, we'll be done super fast - Cale was AWESOME!!! Maren, just ok, but Cale is usually our problem picture taker, so I was super impressed! Not sure Drew will understand that logic though. ;)

Sandy said...

Drew looks really cute with that new haircut. Thanks for having us visit - it was fun!