Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love That Dog

You'd think that with snow covering the ground and the ground being frozen, our dogs would take a grass-eating hiatus, at least for a few months. Not so. It seems that winter is the dogs' favorite time of year to uproot as much grass as possible in our backyard. They don't just eat the blades; they yank that grass out with a big chunk of earth attached to it. There must be something about the dirt and grass being frozen that makes it like a tasty ice cream treat or something. The thing that gets me is that both dogs do this, and we're not sure whose idea it was in the first place (they only started this in the last couple of years), but one of them had the idea, and somehow, the other one thought it looked fun and decided to follow suit. It's funny to me that dogs work that way. Lately, if the dogs have been outside for more than a couple of minutes, I'll look out there and see Foudy (she seems to be worse than Maggie these days) getting her whole body into pulling those chunks out of the ground, and I can practically see the glee in her eyes.

Here's the section she's been working on lately. It doesn't help that the wind blew all our snow around, exposing the ground in some parts of the yard, and giving the dogs much easier access.

Here's Foudy the other day after spending some time engaging in one of her favorite hobbies. The other favorite hobby is eating kleenex- I can't tell you how many boxes of kleenex she has emptied lately. Maybe one of these days I'll catch her with her snout stuck in the box and get a photo. Anyway, notice the grass sticking out of her mouth.

And here's what it looked like when I exposed Foudy's teeth for the camera. That blade of grass is totally stuck between her front two teeth. The brown patches on her gums are not natural markings; they are gobs of dirt/mud. This really isn't bad, though; some days she comes inside and has mud completely caked across her teeth. It always makes me think she should be in an Orbit gum commercial, where they talk about having a dirty mouth. Maybe she eats the kleenex to help wipe the mud off her teeth...

I still love that dog and all her quirks, though.

On a totally different note, we just picked up our collage from our family photo shoot that we did this fall. I'm basically posting this so our family can see what our collage is like and see some of the pictures. I'm very happy with the collage and love seeing it on the wall. Thanks to Susan at NFocus Photography for her great work!

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Laura said...

Oh those day we'll have one, but I'm hoping for less "dog stories" :-)

Those family pictures are fabulous. Just gorgeous. The collage is super fun too...we need to do something like that. Our last family picture was when Alivia as like 8 months old. (I need a face lift and to lose about 25 pounds first though)
You look fabulous.