Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sick and Tired

Today the boys and I were at the mall, and we'd been doing a lot of walking around. Mike and I had to switch cars for the day, so I didn't have a stroller with me. Drew did fine with all the walking, but at one point he said to me, "Mom, I sick and tired of running." I guess I was walking a little too fast for him.

Later we were in the family bathroom at the mall just before lunch. Drew was about to potty and Zach made the hand-dryer start up, which Drew did not care for. He hates the noise of those things. I asked Zach not to make it start again until Drew and I were not in the bathroom, and Drew said, "Yeah, Zach, I sick and tired of that noise." I told Zach we could use the paper towels to dry our hands, and said that I liked those better anyway, and he said, "Well, you shouldn't, Mom, because they're not reusable and this is." I'm so glad my green side is being soaked up by my 5 year-old!

Once we got home and were getting ready for the boys' naps, Drew had a meltdown. I think he was really tired, and he was refusing to go potty. He threw such a tantrum that he ended up not getting to read books before his nap, which made him (and me) very sad. So as I was about to leave his room, I asked if I could have a kiss. He was still a little weepy, but not bawling anymore, but he said, "But Mom, there be germs." I said, "There are germs where? On your mouth?" Drew said, "Yeah, from your mouth to my mouth." Getting the idea, I said, "Oh, so I can't kiss you because you don't want me to get my germs on your mouth?" Drew said, "Right." Even a two year-old knows how to hold a grudge, I guess.

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