Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Is With These Dogs?

I don't know why they suddenly think the laundry basket is their bed, but today Foudy did just what Maggie did last week- she climbed right into the basket full of clean (folded, this time) laundry and made herself comfortable. I let her stay long enough to get a quick picture, and then I made her move. In Foudy's defense, the basket was right where she likes to lie down.

I had to get this close-up of Foudy, too, so you could see the grass sticking out of her mouth. Once again, she had grass stuck in her teeth from eating it while she was outside. It's a good thing her feet weren't muddy, or I would have been pretty mad about her being on the clean laundry.

1 comment:

Goldenzinns said...

She looks like she recently went to the groomers. Something I must do with Sadie