Sunday, July 24, 2011

Threats from a 3 Year-Old

Drew still has plenty of opinions about everything. A couple of times this summer when he hasn't liked my disciplining him, he has threatened me with statements such as, "I'm going to have Dad put you in a time-out if you tell me I can't do that!" Or, shortly after my parents visited, he said, "I'm going to have Grandma Ruth put you in a time-out!" My favorite, though, was just a few days ago. Drew, Jake, and I were going to our church to pick Zach up from VBS. We always tried to get there about 10 minutes early so that we could see the closing songs in the main part of the church. Drew wanted to take the small Woody and Buzz toys along, and I said he could. At the last minute, he realized he didn't have Woody's hat, and he wanted to grab it, but I told him no. Woody's had really doesn't stay on very well, and I told him that I didn't want him to lose it at church, so he could not take it. As he always does lately, he asked me about 100 times (no exaggeration here) if I would please go back home so he could get the hat. He gets like this, where he just asks and asks and asks, and I start by saying no, and then I repeat myself, and then at some point I say, "I already answered that question; the answer is no, and I'm not going to answer it again." Then Drew asks again and I ignore him and he gets really mad. So then I repeat myself, "I already answered that question; the answer is no, and I'm not going to answer it again." I try to stay very calm even though it's so annoying to be asked the same question a million times. Anyway, this day, he was getting really mad, and he finally said, "Mom, if you don't go back (as we are about to turn into the church parking lot) and get Woody's hat, when we get home I'm going to throw you out of the house........... with Zach's help." It was like as he was saying it, he realized he couldn't do it on his own, so now he was dragging Zach (who was at VBS this whole time) into it. I had to sort of chuckle about that. Then, as we were parking the car, he made the same threat. And as we walked into church, he said, "As soon as we get home, Zach and me are gonna throw you out of the house." I said, "Who will make you lunch?" Without missing a beat, Drew said, "After lunch... and after my popsicle, I'm gonna throw you out of the house with Zach's help." That kid's always thinking.


Goldenzinns said...

Great Drewism and picture! thanks for another great laugh.

Luna said...

That is super funny! Kids are a crack-up. My niece Emma does the same thing. I think that she gets it from her mom. But seriously, kids say the darnest things! Super cute! A great laugh :]

zinncaulfield said...

Gotta love that Drew!