Friday, October 14, 2011


A couple of conversations that I've had with the boys or overheard in the last week or so that made me smile:

First, Zach was telling Drew about a rock I painted to look like a turtle that is in Zach's room.
Me: Actually, Zach, I painted that rock long before you were even born.
Drew: Was I born, Mom, or was I underground?
Zach: No, Drew, before we were born we weren't underground; we were up in the sky! That's where heaven is.
Drew: Oh! Did we play together up there?
Zach: No, we didn't.

I love how they both had such defined ideas of life before they were born.

Then, last night as I was putting Drew to bed, and we talked about the fact that Aunt Katherine and her fiance (I'm not sure I have mentioned the change in their status on the blog before; we're very excited) are coming home this weekend.
Drew: Mom, have I been married?
Me: No, you haven't. But maybe you'll get married when you're older.
Drew: No! Only girls get married!
Me: No, girls marry boys and boys marry girls. So when you're an adult you can get married.
Drew: I don't want to get married!
Me: Why?
Drew: I will miss you too much.
Me: You can still see me when you're married.
Drew: I can?
Me: Yep. Dad sees his mom, Grandma Linda, all the time.
Drew: Oh, okay.
Then he said something about one of his preschool teachers and marrying that didn't make any sense. Really I loved the beginning of the conversation most, when he asked if he'd been married.

Drew is very interested in death right now. He talks a lot about when Maggie (our oldest dog) dies, and he has big plans to get a pig when that happens. A recent conversation in the car as we arrived at home:
Drew: Mom, when you and Dad get dead, Zach and I will have to go to daycare. (No mention of Jake.)
Me: Well, Drew, probably when Dad and I die, you'll be all grown up and you won't need to go to daycare.
Drew: No, but who will take care of us??
Me: You'll be an adult, honey; you won't need anybody to take care of you.
Drew: Hmm... (Not real convinced.)

And then this morning, at the breakfast table:
Drew: Mom, I don't want you to get dead.
Me: Thanks, Drew.

While playing with a trash truck and marbles, pretending the marbles were the Toy Story 3 characters:
Drew: They didn't believe in their hearts it was a good idea to get into the trash truck.

And while praying tonight:
Drew: And thank you, God, for the pleasure, and for our mom and dad.

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