Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things We've Done Since April

Lazy Blog Post here...

Some things we've done since April:

-Homemade sidewalk paint on the driveway.  It dries so bright!

-Jake tried to drink it.  Good thing it's just cornstarch, water, and food coloring!

-Picnic with our friends Cooper and Max.

-Lots of popsicle eating.  Jake calls them pop-pops.

-Jake's first haircut!  Here's the back before...


-And after!  Thanks, Molly!  The curls were cute, but honestly, I think his big boy haircut is a lot cuter! And definitely easier to comb!

-Drew had his last day of preschool, which included a picnic at a park.  Here he is with his two amazing teachers, Mrs. Schnoor and Mrs. Gray.

-Zach also had his portfolio celebration at school and finished up first grade.  This is him with his wonderful teacher Miss Buckles.

-Multiple park visits.  This is clearly before Jake's haircut.

-Mike and I made 2 trips up to Minnesota to visit Katherine and Sam at St. Olaf.  The first was a weekend in April where we headed up Saturday afternoon and pretended we were college kids again for the night.  We had so much fun with Katherine, Sam, and their friends, but definitely confirmed that we are no longer made to stay up past 2 a.m. drinking and playing.  It was a great time, though.  The other time was on Memorial Day weekend, when Katherine and Sam graduated.  Now we're all in wedding-planning mode.  Woohoo!

-Mike's clinic changed names.  He and his business partners used to own 3 clinics with 3 different names, so they decided it would make more sense to make them 3 clinics with the same name.  Here's Mike's new sign, with the phone number blurred out.

There's a chance there will be a real post coming soon, about the cousins' visit and Zach's birthday.  Please note the key word in that sentence- "chance."

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