Friday, January 18, 2013

Another catch-up

I said I'd be better about blogging, but I guess I lied. So here's another random photo update.

The boys testing out some sweet shades in Dillard's.

Thanksgiving at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Curt's house.  We always celebrate Christmas with them then, so the boys are always extra excited!

Drew asked me this past summer if he could play basketball this year, so we agreed and I signed him up.  About halfway through the season, he was ready to retire (those were his words).

It was pretty interesting watching all those 4 year-olds play basketball.  I swear Zach had more of a clue when he started playing basketball at age 4.  I just have a feeling that Drew's not going to be our sports fiend...

Avengers fever has taken over our household.  I'm honestly not sure at all how it got started, but Drew seems to have really caught it, and therefore Jake has it, too.  The Hulk and Captain America seem to be the favorites, although Thor is right up there, and Iron Man isn't far behind.  One day the Hulk even got to go for a walk with us.

Since we don't actually have any sort of a Thor costume, Jake and Drew just make do with the things we do have, like their superhero capes, the hats Mike and I got at the Warrior Dash this summer, and usually a pair of cowboy boots.  Here are my two mighty Thors (one is even pants-less).

Since I started working out at Crossfit, the boys have heard me talk about WODs, or Workouts Of the Day.  They are different every day, and when I get to the gym, the WOD is written on the whiteboard.  They are always timed.  The boys have gotten into doing their own WODs, so we will sometimes write a WOD on the easel down in the basement.  They love burpees, which surely means they are not doing them correctly.  Here are some action shots of one WOD.  Oh, and for some reason, they often think WODs need to be done in nothing but skivvies, but that is not the case at my gym.

Drew got to go to our friend Cooper's birthday party at Build-a-Bear.  Cooper is closest to the camera in the wheelchair, and Drew is right there in the striped shirt.

This was the best group shot we could get.  It was a fun time.

Zach and Jake snuggling while watching a show.

Some attempts to get a good Christmas card photo with the boys and the dogs.  Not an easy task.

The boys also made gingerbread houses.  I had to miss this event for a race I was running.  I was kinda bummed to miss it, but it seems like all the boys had a great time with Dad!

Also, Mike is bugging me to blog more often to have a record of cute things Jake is doing/saying.   A couple I can remember from this past week:

-I got 2 new pairs of snow boots, with the intention of sending the pair I like least back.  Jake saw me open the boxes and heard me say that one pair was cute.  He walked over, looked at the boots, and in his sweet little voice said, "Aww, coot boot, Mom!"
-Although we got rid of Zach and Drew's pacifiers at about 13 months, we haven't taken Jake's away yet.  So now at night, after I lay out his blanket so he can put his head on it (just like I used to like as a kid), he grabs the binky that is not in his mouth and says, "Case I need it, Mom."

That's all for now, folks!

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