Friday, March 20, 2015


I was going through photos to see what all I'd missed since I had last posted, and one thing I found a lot of was pictures of Ginger. So this post is dedicated just to Ginger, who is sweet and snuggly and wonderful. She did have a serious ear infection that just would not go away for about a month or more, and in that time, she seemed to get depressed about all the ear cleaning and ear medication (much of which she ended up having adverse reactions to), so we are happy to have finally moved past that and to have our happy dog back. These pictures are definitely not in order. In fact, they may be in reverse chronological order.

Just look at that face!!!
Just resting on Maggie while they wait to go outside.

Maggie, Ginger, Jake and I took a  walk along the Des Moines river to see the Bald Eagles one clear winter day.

Sometimes at night, Ginger and Mike hold hands. 

Cooling down in the Wisconsin snow after a thorough ear-cleaning on vacation.

"Helping" me stretch.

Poor girl had a tummy ache. 

Chillin' out and relaxin' all cool...

An early morning run in below zero wind chills with a full moon to light our path.

This is at the end of the aforementioned run. Notice the frost on our eyelashes and whiskers!

Snuggling Jake at nap or bed time.

Snuggling Zach.

Saying goodbye to Zach before he leaves for school.

Snuggling Dad.

Enjoying a quiet moment with Mom.

Snuggling with Drew while he reads.

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