Monday, January 26, 2009

Naptime Shenanigans

I got Zach down at the usual time for his nap today- a little after 2 p.m.  Then I went in and got Drew down for his nap and came downstairs for my sacred alone time.  Well, I still have a monitor in Zach's room, and the whole time he's been up there for his "nap," I've heard him moving around, getting out of bed multiple times, and a couple of louder noises, like things dropping.  I've considered going up there to tell him to go to sleep, but decided that he doesn't seem to be bothering anything, so I'll just let him be.  Well, finally, at 3:40, after a bunch more noise, I decided to go check it out.  As I opened the door to his room the smell of grape chapstick about knocked me over.  Then the thought of his chapstick quickly left me as my eyes took in the sight of his room.  His nightstand was moved away from his bed and the wall, his noisemaker, which sits on his nightstand, was on the floor, and his monitor, which also sits on his nightstand, was moved.  And there were toys on the floor and his Harry Potter glasses and a trash truck on his bed.  "Hmm, weird," I thought.  Then I looked up to see my completely naked son sitting on top of his pillow.  "What are you doing, Zach?" I asked.  "Well, my clock fell, so I had to get down to get it, and I had to move this to get it because it fell back there."  Then he kept talking, explaining things in the way a three year-old (or at least my three year-old) does, explaining so many different things that it doesn't even make sense.  I had already started laughing taking in the sight of all this, and here's Zach, serious as can be, probably thinking about how he can explain away getting in trouble.  He told me how he moved his nightstand by scooting out one side and then the other.  I'm surprised he could even move it.  Then I asked the obvious question- "Why did you take your clothes off, and where are they?"  And he gave the obvious response- "Well, I had to get down to get my clock and back up and then down again and I was a little hot and cold."  Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?  As I found his undershirt and his regular shirt on his bed, I asked, "Where are your shorts and underwear?" because they were nowhere to be found.  "Oh, they're in my bed."  So I helped him get dressed and told him to leave his stuff alone and go to sleep.  It's now 3:52, and I can still hear him moving stuff around on his nightstand, I think.  He'll be up in 8 minutes anyway, because he knows he can get up at 4 p.m.  He so fluctuates- on Friday he slept from 2:15 until I woke him up at 5 p.m., and now today he was up before 7 this morning and no nap.  Oh well- as long as he stays in his room and has some rest time and lets me have my rest time, I'm happy.  And at least I got a great laugh out of walking into his room, seeing things quite askew and him sitting in his birthday suit on his bed.  Too funny!

Drew and Zach had quite a bit of fun together earlier today both before and after lunch.  They discovered a new game where Drew tries to crawl and Zach grabs his ankles and pulls him backwards on the wood floor.  Drew just loves it, so I got some pictures and video.  It's so awesome when they play together and have fun together.  I love it.

Well, now I can hear Drew has woken up from his nap, too, and I just realized I forgot to get dinner ready while I had the chance.  Darn!  Guess I'll do it while Drew is holding onto my legs later.  Or maybe I can get Zach to pull him down the hall again. :)

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