Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thawing Out

I've been a little remiss about blogging lately, but it seems like nothing is really happening here.  We've been in a deep freeze, and the last 2 days it's actually been in the low to mid 30's, which is awesome.  I finally got out of the house for more than just working out, which is also nice.  Let's see, the very cold temps started late Tuesday and continued through Thursday, but then Friday took us up to the teens.  Thursday when I got up the actual temperature was -17, but with the windchill it felt like -39, and we never even hit zero for our high, so that's pretty sad.  I never realized what true cold was until I moved to Iowa for college.  Colorado just doesn't seem to get this cold, and it's not as windy, either.  Even the schools around here canceled on Thursday because it wasn't safe for kids to be waiting at the bus stops.   Anyway, with these terribly cold temperatures, I just couldn't justify taking the kids out of the house, so we didn't go anywhere.  By Friday morning I definitely had cabin fever, and I think the boys did a little, too.  Here's what we did while we were house-bound.

The week started badly when Foudy had another 3-puke day on Monday, where, of course, she threw up on my bed again.  So I washed the comforter and all the bedding again.  Fourth time in 2 weeks.  Unbelievable. Thankfully there were no socks in her this time, and I did not take any pictures, because that's just gross.  I do wonder what keeps periodically making her throw up, though.

On Wednesday, when the cold had really settled in, Zach and Drew used some nice teamwork to push Drew's toy around the kitchen.  They both thought this was loads of fun.

Zach and I made cookies to send to Aunt Katherine at college.  We ate a few, too!  (Katherine, if you're reading this, they'll be there soon!  I stuck them in the freezer right away and just mailed them yesterday.)

We tried to stay away from the windows and the front door, where there was ice inside and out.  The first picture is our front door.  More proof of why we need a storm door.  The second picture is our kitchen window.  It's a little hard to see because of the glare/reflection.

The boys watched the trash and recycling get picked up.  I especially felt for the recycling guy, because he actually had to get out of his truck and stand in the cold, cold weather.  Trash day is Thursday, and that was our coldest day!  The trash guy never gets out of his truck, so I didn't feel so bad for him.

Friday it was finally warm enough to get out to playgroup, which was much needed by everyone!  Saturday I took Maggie to the vet for another ear check.  Her ear infection is not 100% better, but it is getting a little better.  While we were there she decided to take revenge on us all by kicking her anal glands into high gear, which just about stunk the vet, the tech, and me out of the exam room.  That was embarrassing.  Dr. Allison and the tech took her off and cleaned her out, so hopefully that won't happen this next Saturday when we're back at the vet again for our 3rd recheck on this darn ear!  If it doesn't get better, Dr. Allison said she might have to anesthetize Maggie to get all the gunk out to make sure her eardrum is still intact.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Finally, today I had a meeting after church and then I went to the grocery store, so Mike and the boys came home.  Mike apparently got some good time to watch football and play on the computer, as the boys were out of harm's way, I guess.

Maybe I should have used that when I was going crazy being stuck inside with the cold temps.  I'll have to remember it next time, I guess.


Goldenzinns said...

I just finished reading your blog and as soon as I finish posting this comment I'll be contacting Child Protective Services in Des Moines.

Sarah said...

I wondered if some random person might see this and wonder if they should report us. I figured those who know me know I wasn't being too serious. :-)

zinncaulfield said...

Hate to tell you, but I went for a run yesterday in shorts and t-shirt. 60's here all week. However, I am wanting some good sledding snow to take Cam. Stay warm!