Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I Could Eat Right Up

-Zach and Drew sharing Zach's (though Drew believes it is his) chair.

-Zach in his Kermit costume, which is something he's been putting on a lot lately during "nap time," which hasn't involved much napping. At this point he came to me after wearing it for about 15 minutes and said, "Mom, I can't wear this any longer."

-Foudy snuggling Mike after he almost stepped on her. How sweet is she?

-Mike helping Zach with a craft project, and Drew posing in the background.

-Zach's pride in showing off his simple art project.

-Drew just had to be in the picture, and he posed so nicely.

-Drew is suddenly into giving hugs. I find it incredibly sweet. Just about every time he sees Zach, he puts his little hand up, waves, and says, "Hi Dack."

-Another hug. Seriously, can it get any cuter?

-The boys posing with the trophy Mike won for winning his golf tournament last weekend.

And look at that sweet little punkin.


Goldenzinns said...

Yum yum is right. What great photo's. I cannot believe how Drew is becoming more of a little boy than a baby (esp in the chair). I also love the hugging photos.

zinncaulfield said...

very sweet!