Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shock and Awe

So for a few weeks now, Drew has been coming to me after he poops and saying something like, "Eccchhh," and sort of grabbing at the back of his diaper. I would then say, "Did you poop?" And Drew would nod his head yes, and I'd say, "Let's change your diaper," and Drew would lay down on the floor on his back. This all surprised me, because I've never dreamed it would be so easy to get a toddler out of a poopy diaper.

About fifteen minutes ago, Drew grabbed at his diaper and said, "Poop." I felt his diaper and said, "You didn't poop!" Then he did it again a few minutes later, and again, I felt it and said he didn't poop. He kind of made a funny face, and I said, "Do you need to poop?" He nodded his head yes, and then pooped right there in front of me! So I waited a few minutes and said, "Are you done? Let's change your diaper!" and Drew went to an empty space on the floor (there seems to be toys everywhere this morning), and laid down on his back while I went and got wipes and a clean diaper. He did the same thing last week (where he grabbed his diaper and said yuck or poop or something, and I felt it and felt nothing, and then he pooped), but I thought maybe I was imagining it or making it out to be more than it was. But it was very clear this morning that he told me he had to poop and then he did it. I am totally surprised by this, since he technically isn't even 18 months old yet (not until Saturday, anyway). Maybe I should get the potty seat out? Just watch- he probably won't be potty trained until he's 4! : )


Goldenzinns said...

you have nothing to lose by getting the potty out and letting him get used to it but much to gain in that he may train for that portion very quickly.

Smart boy!

zinncaulfield said...

yes, get out that potty! I've heard some 2nd kids potty train early b/c they see their older sibling doing it! hope it works!