Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drew's Obsession

I've had some things I've been thinking about posting but didn't get around to it, so here are a couple of random things, mostly about Drew. I think I've mentioned before that Drew is really into the Disney/Pixar movie Cars, and lately it seems like it's turned into a full-blown obsession. We don't go anywhere without his 2 Lightning McQueen cars, and he and Zach recently received some of the other cars as a gift, so the two boys spend a lot of time playing with their cars. Drew could walk around the coffee table, driving his cars on the track, as he calls it, all day long, and that's not really an exaggeration. Drew has seen Cars twice- once on the way to Colorado at Christmas, and the second time a few weeks ago when we had a family movie night. The other day he asked me for the "Ke-Keen song," which means the Lightning McQueen song. Then he said, "all nigh yong," which was his way of saying he wanted the song that says "all night long" in it. So, we downloaded Life is a Highway by Rascal Flats, which is the version that is in the movie. Drew asks to hear it all the time, or he asks for me to sing it. The hilarious thing is that he tries to sing it, too, and it's obvious that to Drew, the song is Life is a Hallway, not highway. The last few mornings before preschool the boys ask me to play the song, so we listen to it multiple times in a row, and the boys dance and race their cars and laugh. It's great to witness.

One of the many things that Lightning McQueen gets to do with us is read books before nap/bedtime. We read our stories, and then before we rock and sing, Drew goes and parks his cars by his nightlight. This was all his idea the first time. I always say, "Ok, go put McQueen in a safe place," and it never fails that Drew puts McQueen and whatever other vehicle he's holding right by his nightlight, where he lines them up very carefully. You can see in this picture how he did this with McQueen and Thomas one day. One time he talked me into letting him sing the Amen song to his 2 McQueens before his nap. It was very sweet.

While Drew's favorite car is definitely Lightning McQueen, he also loves the other cars from the movie, particularly Mack and Mater (he can't resist a hook). Once we checked out Mater Saves Christmas from the library, and I thought it might be too long for him, but he sat and listened to the whole book. We returned it the next week, and now Drew asks for it about every day. He will randomly say to me, "Mater. Ho ho. Have it!" which translates to, "Mater Saves Christmas. The library doesn't have it," because our normal library has not had it in since we returned it, and we even went to another library, and they didn't have it! I saw that it is due in a couple of days, so hopefully nobody else wants it as badly as we do.

Another thing I think is particularly cute is how Drew wants his own soccer gear. Last week I was getting my shin guards on before an indoor soccer game, so Zach ran and got his shin guards, too. Drew immediately started saying he wanted shin guards, so Mike made these beauties for him. (Yes, he is in his pajama pants. He wanted to wear them for his nap that day and did not want to take them off, and I didn't feel like battling it when I knew we weren't going anywhere.)

So while I was away at my soccer game, the boys posed for pictures and then played some soccer in the basement.

A few days later we got some video of Drew playing soccer. We're wondering if he will be a lefty. He seems to use his left hand for eating (which I do, too, even though I am right-handed otherwise), and you'll see in this video that he uses his left foot for kicking the soccer ball. Mike has some lefties in his family, so it wouldn't be totally surprising, but I still find it interesting.

Finally, another picture of the boys that I just love. They fight, and Drew gets mad at Zach sometimes, but really I think they get along very nicely most of the time. Today we were at a play date for Zach's preschool class at a place called Outdoor Adventures, which is actually the indoor showroom for backyard playsets like we have in our backyard. Drew was trying to go down a slide and a boy from Zach's class was trying to cut in front of him and then was sort of pushing Drew, and boy, did Zach not appreciate that! He was very protective of his little brother, and it was sweet to see. The boys really love to wrestle with each other, which I really think is such a boy thing. I don't remember ever wrestling with my sisters, but Mom and Dad, if you read this and disagree, let me know. I just feel like that's not something sisters are as likely to do with each other. These two will wrestle or just lay on each other just about anywhere we let them. I wonder when they'll grow out of this...


Goldenzinns said...

I seem to remember you and your sisters body slamming each other along with hair pulling, screaming and loud profanity. And the worst was the time you had Becky on her back and you were standing over her with one foot on her hair so she couldn't move her head while you drooled on her face. Or was that my brother and I fighting?

zinncaulfield said...

Yeah Dad, must've been Uncle Bob and you. Sarah wouldn't be able to pin me like that! And I think Mike is the drooler! :)