Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drew Speak

Some funny things Drew has said to me lately, which are, of course, 10 times more funny if you actually hear him say them in his cute little voice, but oh well:

-While sitting in his rocking chair, rocking before bed, I said, "I love you, Drew." He said, "I love me... Drew- I smell (spell) my name!" Then we were able to get him to do that one night at Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Cynthia's house, where we'd ask him to spell different people's names, and he'd say something like, "Sam. I smell Sam's name!!! Kafrine (Katherine). I smell Kafrine's name!!!!" And he's always so excited after he "spells" someone's name. It's just precious.

-Drew is very big into pretending lately. One morning I came into the living room, and Drew told me, "I Grandpa Nick (Dick), Zach Grandma Ruth, and this (a somewhat deflated balloon on a string) Sadie (Grandma and Grandpa's dog). So throughout most of that day and just before bed again that night, Drew kept telling me about being Grandpa Nick. A few days ago Drew and I were playing in the little pool at the club while Zach was at golf, and he was Thomas the Tank Engine, and I was Gordon, the big blue engine. As we headed out of the pool area to go meet Zach, I was walking ahead of Drew a little, and he said, "Can I chuff next to you, Gordon?" In case you've never had the pleasure (too bad you can't hear the sarcasm in my voice here) of watching any Thomas T.V. shows, I'll let you know that "chuff" is a word used often on the island of Sodor. Drew also recently told me he had Annie and Clarabel (Thomas's coach cars) "shunted" to him.

-Nearly every time we drive over the interstate, which is pretty often, Drew asks if we can get on the interstate. A lot of times the answer is no, so the other night when I told him we were getting on the interstate, he was excited. Who wouldn't be, though, right? He immediately started saying, "I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!" Again, so much cuter in his little voice, so if you know him, try to hear him saying it.

-Tonight we went to the pool for a couple of hours after dinner. Towards the end, Drew and I decided to get out and get popsicles, but Zach wanted to stay in the water to swim and dive for his new diving toys (an amazing thing in itself- Zach passing up a popsicle to swim!). First Drew and I headed into the family bathroom so I could potty, and I accidentally let the door go before Drew was all the way in, and it is such a heavy door that it clipped his shoulder and sent him flying. Thankfully he didn't hit his head or anything- he mostly was scared, so I grabbed him and held him until he calmed down. Well, if you know me or have read this blog much, you know I have a problem with inappropriate laughing. Since Drew wasn't hurt at all, I was able to get a little chuckle as I replayed the accident in my head. I knew laughing was not right, but I just could not help a small giggle. Sweet Drew, pulled away from me just a little and said as nicely as can be, "Ca-you (can you) not laugh?" I felt terrible, but I was also really thankful he wasn't totally mad at me, because that easily could have happened.

-If you know Drew well, you know that he is not always the most easy-going kid. He gets really mad about some things, and lately when he throws a fit, I've been telling him, "Drew, I'm not going to help you or deal with you if you're crying, whining, fussing, or screaming." So lately his general response to that is, "Ca-I (Can I) be mad?" Sometimes there's a little more to it, like, "Ca-I be mad while I wash my hands?" or "Ca-I be mad while I sit in time-out?" I love that he asks if he can be mad. Usually I tell him, "Sure, but if you're whining or screaming at me, I'm not going to help you."

-Drew has been saying for a long time, "I mad!" when he's upset about something. Yesterday he was mad about something as we walked into the library, and whatever he had done had exasperated me, too, so when he said, "I mad!" I said, "I'm mad, too!" Then Drew said, "Don't cry, Mom!" He's told me that one before, too, where if I tell him I'm mad, he tells me not to cry. Maybe that has to do with the previous bullet point.

-"I not look cool." Drew told me this as he put his sunglasses on. It's finally dawning on me that people call him Mr. Cool or Cool Guy or anything to do with cool all the time because the kid almost never takes off his sunglasses. Here's how he looked when he told me, "I not look cool."

Tonight at the pool I thought he said the same thing to me, but when I asked him if that's what he said, he told me, "I a little bit cool."

Stay cool, Buddy. (I get in trouble for calling him Buddy, so I guess it's a good thing he doesn't read my blog.)

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zinncaulfield said...

Hilarious! I especially giggled at your inappropriate giggling! Why can't you call him "Buddy?"