Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandma Cynthia's Birthday

I just uploaded photos from my phone, which explains why this post is a little past due. We celebrated Grandma Cynthia's July 12th birthday a week and a half ago. These pictures aren't great because I only had my phone with me, but at least they captured the moment. This was the night Drew was "spelling" everyone's names (see previous post).

The boys were super excited to help Grandma open her presents, and Grandma was happy to share the present-opening duties with her grandsons.

I think she was pretty surprised to have gotten a Wii Fit and some other related accessories/games. Zach was excited, too, because now both of his in-town grandmas have Wii Fit for him to play when he goes to their houses, thus making their houses that much more fun than his own house.

It was getting late, so we didn't get the Wii set up, but Aunt Katherine is borrowing a friend's Gamecube for the summer, so Zach and Drew were immediately asking if they could go play "that driving game" that they had played before. That game happens to be Mario Kart. So Katherine, Sam, Mike, and Zach got set up and got a game going.

Zach drove his own car and mostly ran into the wall, drove the wrong way on the course, and got last place every time (totally unbeknownst to him, which is what I love), and Drew was happy to help Mike drive.

It was no shock that Sam, the 20 year-old male playing the game, was the clear winner every time. Apparently that impressed Drew and Zach, because they then wanted Sam to read to them. He was a good sport about it and dove right in.

It was lots of fun celebrating Grandma Cynthia's birthday and hanging out with the fam. It's been great having Katherine and Sam home for the summer. Sam leaves in a couple of days for Nepal for a month to do a medical internship, and Katherine has been working a bunch, so we feel pretty lucky to have spent any time with them. Mike and I got to take Katherine and Sam out to dinner last weekend, which was a lot of fun, too. It's fun to hang out with them and see what cool young adults they've become.

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