Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is There Anything More Precious...

Than a sleeping baby?! I uploaded the pictures from our camera and my phone, and I found more than a couple of pictures of Jake sleeping. It reminds me of when I was a kid, and I'd take a million pictures of my dogs because I thought they were so cute.

First, sleeping on Dad, with his mouth open, Grandma Ruth style.

Then, on a cooler day after dropping Zach off at school. I gotta admit, I love the hood.

This picture and the following video show how Jake occasionally sucks on his own tongue. I don't see it often, but one day last week, after getting home from picking Zach up from school, he was asleep and was doing it. So I quickly took a picture on my phone and then grabbed the video. The video doesn't do it justice, but it gives you a little idea of what I'm talking about.

And this is the most recent sweet sleeping picture. This was taken yesterday, after I got home from kickboxing class, and Grandma Linda was here with the boys. Zach and Drew were playing on Linda's iPad and Jake was just snoozin' peacefully.

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