Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Grade!

Zach started first grade on the 17th. We started the day with some blueberry coffeecake, which I decided last year might have to be a tradition. The only problem is that Drew isn't a big fan, which I can't figure out, because he loves blueberries and he loves cake. I think Uncle Will must have gotten to him...

Anyway, Zach doesn't look that thrilled in these pictures, but he was super excited for school, especially for 3 recesses. It could have been the sun in his eyes, but it was probably because I wouldn't let him ride the bus to school on the first day. It was his first day of all-day school, and darn it, I wanted to take him! He said as he wistfully watched the bus pick up the kids across the street, "I'm sorta sad you're taking me to school today... and sorta glad." I'm pretty sure he put the last part in there so as not to hurt my feelings.

I tried to get a picture of all three boys on the front steps. See for yourself how they turned out.

Nope, not a single framer in the bunch.

When I taught 5th grade at a school very nearby (but not the one Zach goes to), the first day of school was always crazy. Even at 5th grade, tons of parents dropped their kids off and took their kid's picture with me. After the open house at Zach's school on the 15th, which was jam-packed, I expected the first day of school to be the same way. Wrong. We got up there and I was one of the few parents there- it was kind of weird. I was a little nervous to be leaving Zach for the whole day, and he seemed a little nervous, too (I think the gigantic crowd at the open house left him unsettled). However, as we got to school, I saw quite a few other teachers I used to teach with who are now at this school (this is just the second year Zach's school has been open), and just seeing the familiar faces and knowing they'd be there with Zach helped me feel better. Most of the people Zach doesn't know, but I think it helped him, too, to know that quite a few of the adults (including the principal) are Mom's friends.

Zach's teacher is in her second year of teaching, and reminds me so much of my early teacher-self. She loves running, has 2 older sisters, and apparently has a dog she loves to tell stories about. That was comforting, too.

Zach did ride the bus home on the first day, and that went just fine. A friend up the street who is in Zach's class also rides the bus, so the two of them sit together and seem to have a lot of fun. She rode the bus last year for kindergarten, so she has a little experience with the whole routine. The bus drop-off/pick-up at school is literally right outside of Zach's classroom, and in the neighborhood it is across the street and up a couple of houses, so it's all quite convenient.

To top it off, if you live more than a mile from the school, you don't have to pay for the bus service, and we live 1.1 miles away. I would like to walk/ride bikes with Zach to school, but with Drew and Jake and nap schedules and everything, right now it just doesn't work. Maybe in the spring or next year. And at some point, hopefully Zach can do it on his own. Mike and I rode bikes up to the school last night for Curriculum Night, and it was a quick, easy ride. Zach has actually ridden his bike up there before with me while I was running, so I know it's not a problem for him.

After school on the first day, we went to the pool. The bus was supposed to drop off at 3:55 (school gets out at 3:40), but on the first day it didn't drop off until 4:30, so we got a later start than I had planned. We had dinner and played around, and celebrated a great first day of first grade. Here's Jake with his buddy Lucy.

So school is going well so far. Zach has already had a sick day, though, so there goes perfect attendance! He woke up on Tuesday not feeling great and did his somewhat regular eat breakfast, throw up, take a nap, and then be perfectly fine deal. It's weird, but thankfully it only affects him and not Drew or Jake (knock on wood). Zach assures us he is working on listening and making good choices (he struggled a little last year with too much talking). He knows 2 kids in his class (the neighbor girl and a boy from preschool who Zach has always liked but isn't our first choice for a friend), and that was comforting for him right away. I'm hoping he quickly makes lots of new friends and has a great year.

I so clearly remember my first day of teaching after Zach was born. It was the first day of school of my 6th year of teaching, and Zach was 11 weeks old. I quit at the end of that school year to stay home with Zach, and now he's gone off and left me! I can't believe my little boy is a first grader!

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BJ & Carey said...

We're glad that Zach had a good start to 1st grade! We're sure that he'll make good choices :) and have a great year.