Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Good Time Was Had By All- I Think

Last weekend Mike and I got together with our college friends for our somewhat regular summer get-together on the Mississippi. We dropped the boys and dogs off at Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Cynthia's house on Friday morning, and we were off. We got up to our friend's parents' cabin at lunchtime, hung out with Troy, Jenny, Arch, and Jenn, and waited for the other two couples, BJ & Carey and Dave & Laura, to arrive. Once everybody was there we headed out to the sand bar to relax, play some corn hole, and just enjoy the sun and water. It was great.

Saturday morning we all went to a nearby town for the Divorce Open, a little golf tournament we set up for all 5 couples where couples compete together in an alternate shot format. For example, Mike hit off the tee on hole #1, then I hit the next ball onto the green, and he putted in. It's called the Divorce Open because of the teamwork required and the bickering that could ensue. In our case, Mike is obviously a much better golfer than I am (maybe if I had a free lunch hour every day to golf I'd be decent, too... that's a joke... sort of), so I provided him with some more challenging shots than he's used to having when he plays by himself. A couple of the girls playing had never golfed before, but they were good sports about giving it a try. Either way, it was a lot of fun.

Later on Saturday we went back out to the sand bar, and then headed up the river to some bar/restaurant for dinner. I didn't have my camera along, but I did have my phone, and here are the prize-worthy photos I took both in the restaurant and on the way back to the cabin. Prepare to be impressed.

First, Carey, Dave, and Jenny.

Now me and Soup (a.k.a. BJ) with one of his Cajun shrimp that he kept raving about. Obviously he doesn't get out much- it was breaded, fried bar food. How good could it really be?

Then Jenny and Mike, who this group all calls Bird or Birdie- it's a college/callege (inside joke) thing.

Here's Arch rubbing Soup's nipples. Don't ask. Arch's wife, Jenn, is in the purple dress. Somehow she managed to avoid all other pictures I took.

Laura, Dave, and Jen.

Dave, Jen, Mike, and Laura. It appears as though Dave isn't necessarily thrilled about the placement of Jen's hand on his wife's leg, but I think it was pretty innocent.

Alas, those are the only pictures I have from the weekend. Thanks, friends, for a great time! It went way too quickly, and I am bummed it's over already. There were of course some inappropriate comments and some spats here and there, but I think we all left the weekend still friends, and personally, I know Mike and I can't wait until the next time!!

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