Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dazed and Confused, But Still Funny

So Mike and I were just sitting here, watching the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, when we heard footsteps coming down the hall. Zach came stumbling out from the hallway, looking a little dazed and confused. Mike and I both kind of started giggling, and one of us asked, "What's up, Bud?" Zach kinda laughed and just leaned into the couch where Mike was sitting. Mike told him he needed to head upstairs and close his eyes and go back to sleep. As he did that, he sort of patted Zach's butt and then said, "Are your shorts wet?" I looked and a little more closely and thought they did look like they could be wet. So we asked Zach if he maybe wet the bed, which is something that I'm not sure has ever happened in Zach's entire life. He sort of said no, but was still pretty out of it. So I went upstairs to his room to feel the bed, and Zach followed. When I got into his room, I could see a couple of random wet spots on the floor and a kleenex that looked like it was maybe slightly used. I was instantly reminded of an incident in college where a guy friend of mine (he shall remain nameless, but he's known to have neon eyebrows and his wife occasionally reads my blog), after a night of too much fun at Joe's, possibly mistook my couch for a toilet. Anyway, I asked Zach if he pottied on the floor and tried to clean it up, and he very casually said, "No," like someone might answer if you asked if they wanted sour cream on their taco or something. So I called Mike up to see what had happened, grabbed a dry pair of shorts for Zach and told him to change since his were wet, and I got a towel to clean up the carpet, which was definitely wet. Zach climbed into bed and seriously was about out already when I realized he never had gone into the bathroom, so I made him get up and go in to try to squeeze out any remaining drops. He went into the bathroom to potty, and as I walked by I noticed he didn't lift the seat. Oh great, I thought, I literally cleaned that toilet today, and now it's gonna have pee all over it! Mike was standing there with Zach, and the conversation I heard went pretty much like this:

Mike- Zach, why are you wiping your tush?
Zach- Confused, blank stare, while still wiping.
Mike- Did you poop? Did you sit down to potty??
Zach- No... confused look
Mike- Why are you wearing two pairs of shorts???
Zach- Confused look
Mike & me- Snickering

The poor kid sleep walks like this and has no idea what's going on. The funny (or maybe alarming?) thing is that at Jake's 9 month check-up yesterday the pediatrician (a college friend) and I were discussing Zach's sleepwalking, and he suggested putting a gate at the top of the stairs so that Zach doesn't fall down them or walk out the front door or something. I'm wondering if that's something we should consider. It's all fun and games and good blog material until somebody gets hurt, right?

And I'll let you know later if Zach remembers any of this in the morning.


zinncaulfield said...

Do you recall the story of my sleepwalking and going upstairs to tell M&D that I had to potty and they followed be out the back door to the then patio? I never did anything but they got a good laugh out of it. So, did Zach remember anything?

Goldenzinns said...

Yes I too remember Becky going outside and it was a good laugh. I don't remember how old she was but maybe older than Zach is now. She outgrew the sleep walking.

Jen O said...

For the record.....The Neon Eyebrow Wife thoroughly enjoyed this story!