Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching Up Again

I'm behind on blogging... again. I know I had better get myself caught up before Jake's big birthday next week and Christmas shortly after that. So this will be brief.

Here's Jake after enjoying some yogurt one morning for breakfast. This may have been the day I give him his own small spoon to try out. He likes to try it and knows what to do with it, but doesn't have the motor control yet to actually scoop food and get it to his mouth.

A couple of weeks ago I took Zach and Drew to the club to make gingerbread houses. It was fun to get some time with just them and me, as I don't often get that. We met up with our friends BJ & Susan, who were their with their girls, Anna and Lucy, and their nieces and nephew and Susan's parents. We all had a great time.

Drew working hard.

Mike grew up with Susan and her family, and we have hung out with Susan's sister's family before (most recently on Halloween), so the kids were all pretty comfortable with each other. Zach and Jon, who is just a year younger than Zach, had fun discussing and comparing their houses.

I made sure to get a picture of Zach and Drew with their houses. I am happy to report that I have finally let go and no longer feel the need to help the boys have pretty, symmetrical houses. It was very relaxing to sit back and just watch them make their masterpieces exactly as they wanted them.

We went straight from the club to the mall so I could run a couple of errands, and Drew had a tough time following directions and ended up not getting to play in the play area with Zach. That was fun, sitting outside the play area with Drew, who was very mad at me, while Zach played in the terribly crowded play area mostly to make a point to Drew about me meaning what I say.

Jake continues to show similarities to both Zach and Drew. He loves balls and throwing them (like Zach), and most recently, he likes to push cars along (like Drew).

Drew and Jake even pushed cars together one day last week. Drew constantly is driving cars, and on this particular day, suddenly Jake grabbed one and crawled off after Drew with it. It was pretty sweet to see them play together.

For Thanksgiving we spent the day at Mike's mom and step-dad's house with his parents, his grandpa, and his brother Colin. We always do our Christmas with Curt & Linda on Thanksgiving. Here's Zach displaying one of his new gifts.

And Drew with a funny look on his face.

Pa and Curt seemed to be getting a kick out of this new remote controlled car one of the boys got.

Jake modeled his new reindeer hat for us.

Over the holiday weekend we got our tree put up. Zach and Drew were very excited to decorate it. They put most of their ornaments all in one area on the tree, so later I had to move some. Now the ornaments seem to be shifting up on the tree, so that Jake can't reach any of them.

After the tree was decorated, it was sit-on-Dad time.

Zach had Fine Arts Night at school last week. Here he is lined up with his classmates at the start of the show.

He had a special job of playing rhythm sticks (I think that's what they're called) for one song. That strikes me as a little funny, because during another song, the kids sang and clapped out a beat to the tune of We Will Rock You, and Zach appeared to have no rhythm whatsoever. He was constantly either behind or ahead of the rest of the class. It was quite funny and cute.

Here are Zach and his best friend Ximen (pronounced Shi-men). Ximen lives just a few houses up the street from us, and they ride the bus together and are in the same class. If Zach doesn't walk in the door after school and ask if he can play at Ximen's house, then I know something is wrong. Actually, I don't think that has ever happened. He and Ximen love to play together.

Speaking of Ximen, Zach brought home a bunch of stuff from his writing folder a couple of weeks ago, and the paper pictured below was one such item.

You may not be able to see the writing very well, but it says, "Frum Skye," at the top and "Ximen in love with Zach," down on the lines. It's hard to read because it's written in purple ink and because the paper is very wrinkled, as Zach took it from me when I asked him about it and crumpled it up. He then was nearly in tears about it, saying that there are 2 girls who are "really mean" and make fun of him and Ximen. Then I asked if he likes Ximen, and he insisted he didn't, thinking I meant like like, when really I just meant like. When I got that point across to him and he answered that yes, he likes Ximen (as in he enjoys her company and playing with her), I told him it doesn't matter then what anybody else says, and that if he and Ximen like playing together, they should. It was one of those sweet and somewhat heart-breaking moments that I know we'll have more of, where Zach gets teased about a girl. My little boy is growing up.

Not sure I like the autocorrect on this new computer. If there are weird words in places that don't seem right, I blame it on autocorrect.

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