Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drew's Preschool Program

Catch-up time again. Drew's preschool program was a couple of weeks ago. It was great, and he did such a good job. It was interesting to watch him singing and doing movements compared to Zach, who had his own music program at school earlier in December. Drew seems to be our little performer. He does a much better job at age 3 and a half of staying with everybody and doing the right moves at the right times than Zach does at age 6 and a half. Here are some of my favorite pictures from it.

There's Drew, right in front in the navy and white striped sweater. He was happy to see us in the crowd.

This is Drew really getting into We Wish You a Merry Christmas, where the kids would swoosh one arm across their bodies in a movement that Drew told me is the sign (as in sign language) for "We wish you a merry Christmas."

And here's Drew with his favorite girl, Nessa. Nessa is Drew's teacher's daughter, and she is in one of the 4 year-old preschool classes. Drew rides to school with his preschool teacher, Nessa, and Nessa's little sister Landry. Nessa and Drew play together before the rest of the kids get to school, and they sure do seem to be good buddies. I just love this picture. They are so cute! Drew's teacher made a joke when we took this picture that it will be their engagement picture. Too bad Drew has that silly face going on!

One funny side-note- click here to see a picture from Zach's 3 year-old preschool program back in 2008. By pure coincidence, he was wearing the same exact outfit (ok, not the same shoes) that Drew wore this time. I hope it fits Jake for his 3 year-old preschool program in a few years, too!

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