Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We've finally had a couple of really nice days in a row here, and it has been much appreciated.  Last night while we were eating dinner, suddenly Zach said, "Look!" and we looked outside and saw a hot air balloon practically in the backyard.  It was pretty cool.  By the time I got the camera and got out there, it was practically hidden behind the house behind ours, so this was the best shot I got.

Today the boys and I walked up to the park after lunch.  This is the first time Drew has been old enough to actually enjoy the park, and he did just that.  

Zach enjoyed the park, too, especially because our friends and former neighbors Susan, Anna, and new baby Lucy were there with Susan's sister and her kids.  Zach loved playing with his old friend Anna again.

Even though Zach is a little big for these swings, I let him sit in one because the park was empty by this point and the big kid swings are on the other side of the park.  This way I could push both boys at once.  

Zach loves to be a helpful big brother and help Drew go down the slide.   I love this next succession of pictures because of Drew's bare midriff!  Look at that cute, fat belly!

One other funny note- tonight at dinner, Drew was getting a little fussy.  He hadn't eaten much, and I tried to show him a bite he could take, and he just got mad at me.  Well, then Zach picks up a piece of asparagus on Drew's tray and says, "Here you go, Drew," and what does Drew do?  He takes it from Zach and puts it right in his mouth.  This happened a few times, where Drew didn't want my help, but he was happy to have Drew's help.  Then Drew wanted to feed Zach, so he'd pick up a piece of his food and hold it out to Zach.  Sometimes he would let Zach take it, and other times Drew would do a little fake-out, and as Zach reached for the food, Drew would stick it in his own mouth.  The fake-out is one of Drew's favorite games.  Tonight, though, he did something new, where after the fake-out, he'd take the food out of his mouth and feed it to Zach.  Zach either didn't notice that the food he was being fed was coming out of Drew's mouth, or he didn't care.  It was all very funny (and a little gross, at times) to watch.  It's so fun to watch the two of them playing and having fun together, though.


Goldenzinns said...

I have really enjoyed the last two blogs. Love Zach with his pants around his knees and Drew crawling thru the tube. Drew is becoming a toddler and less of a baby. Since I too liked to dress you girls alike I understand your Easter outfits and think they looked so sweet.

zinncaulfield said...

The sibling stuff really makes me excited!