Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We've had some silliness going on here lately.  First, a couple of funny things Zach has said in the past few days:

-"Stretching makes my bones happy."  I asked him if his dad told him that (since Mike is a physical therapist, it sounded like something he might say, although really it would make more sense for Mike to say stretching makes one's muscles happy), and he said yes, but when I told Mike about it, he said he never told Zach that.

-"Look, Mom!  When I do this, it sort of looks like I have breasts!"  I'm not totally sure what Zach was doing, because I wasn't really paying attention, but it looked like he was pulling his shirt up and pushing his stomach out.  

-Drew had been playing with his sippy cup and was putting it in the cup-holder of his high chair tray and spinning it around.  "Drew's cup got so dizzy it fell right off his tray!"

Now for some silliness captured on film.

First, out here in the midwest it seems to be the norm to try out the tornado siren the first Saturday of the month, at least in the spring and summer.  One day I discovered that the tornado siren makes my dogs (mostly Foudy) howl.  Sometimes Maggie joins in.  It is very hilarious, so I always look forward to noon on the first Saturday of the month.  This past Saturday didn't disappoint.  Here's Foudy singing along to the siren.

The rest of these silly pictures are from bathtime tonight.  Drew loves to splash like crazy in the tub.  It's hard to tell him not to splash so big because he's clearly having so much fun.  Meanwhile, we're getting soaked.

Zach has never loved water in his face, so sometimes Drew's splashing gets a little annoying to him.  Most of the time he's a good sport about it, though.

Drew really loves to open his mouth wide while he splashes, which sometimes results in some mild choking and coughing.  He doesn't seem to get upset by it, though.

Tonight I said something to Mike about how Drew has been playing peek-a-boo with me lately while on his changing table, and Drew must have heard me say this, because he suddenly covered his eyes with his hand.  I said, "Where's Drew?" and he pulled his hand away and had this cute little grin on his face.  Then he did it again and again.  So fun!


Goldenzinns said...

great blog, I love Drew's Peek-a-boo pictures and Zach's wet face. Also can hear Foudy howling! Very silly!

zinncaulfield said...

Love these pics of Drew!