Thursday, April 23, 2009

While Dad Was Away

Mike was out of town last weekend and earlier this week for a 5 day golf trip to the Ozarks.  Lucky guy, huh?  Things at home went pretty well, but by the time Tuesday rolled around, I was really looking forward to Zach going to preschool so I could have just a little more time to get stuff done.  I was lucky (and thankful) to have my 2 mothers-in-law help out a couple of times while Mike was gone so that I could go play in my first soccer game this season and go work out on Monday night.  Thanks, Cynthia and Linda!

Here's some of what we did while Dad was out of town.  Actually, most of these pictures were taken in one day, but whatever.

We excitedly watched the trash truck, like we do on every trash day.

Drew had one of his new favorites- whole wheat flatbread with hummus on it.  Those funny red marks on his nose, right cheek, chin, and all around his mouth are from something in the hummus, but I'm not sure what.  Garlic, maybe?

The new roman shades I ordered for the boys' rooms came, and we had lots of fun playing with the boxes.  Drew loves crawling under things- my legs, Zach's legs, the dogs, etc., so he was excited when we made a tunnel to crawl through.

Then my favorite song, Say Hey, I Love You by Michael Franti and Spearhead came on.  The boys love this song as much as I do, so we cranked up the volume and got to dancing.  Here's Drew showing us how to dance on your knees.  I think I have some college friends who showed him how to put his hands up and show his midriff when he dances.  He loves to dance!

Then Zach tried to dance with Drew.  It's probably a good thing that Drew was already sitting down, because usually when Zach tries to dance with Drew, Drew ends up on his butt anyway.

At dinner Drew played some more peek-a-boo, which he thinks is just so fun. 

While Mike was gone we also had a picnic-playdate at the park with some friends, went for a bunch of walks/bike rides, and just the other normal stuff.  Nothing too exciting, really.  We were all excited for Daddy to get home!  And now I think I need to plan a trip away so Mike knows what it's like to take care of the kids by himself for a few days.  :)

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