Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day I got a new little video camera. We have a camcorder that we've had since before we got married, so it's 9 or so years old and I don't think there's a way to get those videos on our computer. I have tried to take short videos with our older digital camera and upload them to Blogger, but it never works, so I am so happy to have this new little thing. So be prepared to see lots of pointless videos accompanying all the pictures I put on here.  Although, so far, it doesn't seem like my kids want to do much  that warrants video-taping, but I did get this little clip of Drew last night.  Zach and Mike were at a birthday party, so Drew and I were just having some dinner together, and he was being a little silly.  He obviously knows now what his "silly face" is, as you will see from this clip.  It's a couple of minutes long and not all that interesting, but it's my first video, so I feel like I need to post it just for the sake of being able to do so.  

In addition to this camera, I got a lot of nice cards, including one Zach made for me while he was with Grandma Linda on Saturday that says, "Dear Mommy, You are so thankful.  Love, Zach."  Then it has some nice stickers on it that Grandma must have had leftover from a wedding scrapbook she did that say "Love Always" and "Together Forever"- a very lovely card.

Many thanks go out to my friend Laura tonight. Laura, thanks for filling me in on the One True Media site. That was easy, and now I can post videos without all the hassle! Thank you so much!

Oops- just saw the published post. I guess I need to figure out how to make the video window smaller so the whole thing is visible. I'll tackle that the next time, though.


zinncaulfield said...

Enjoyed watching this! Love the silly face and noises!

Laura said...

I believe you need to pick the Medium screen...but you can always go back and redo the screen size if you need to, so it makes it pretty simple.

You're very welcome....It's nice when I can use my very limited blog knowledge:-)

Your boys are just too cute!!!! So fun...and much better behaved than my monsters...hmmmm, I think I need some parenting tips from you:-) Have a great weekend!