Friday, May 15, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

-The other day Drew was being very needy, and I was tapped out from the constant whining and clinging.  I had said at one point in an exasperated manner, "Ok, Drew, just chill out."  Then about a minute later, while he was still whining and trying to get into my lap or something, Zach said, "Come on, Drew... You're a jerk."  It was said in a very calm, sort of matter-of-fact way.  I don't even know where Zach heard the word jerk used that way.  As I tried to hold back my laughter, I told Zach that he really shouldn't call someone a jerk, and then I quickly moved on so I wouldn't laugh and ruin the moment.

-A favorite verb of Zach's lately is plunged.  Here's a common way he uses it- "I just plunged down under the covers!"  I have no idea where he got that.

-This morning Zach said to me, "Mom, my throat hurts.  I haven't been smoking."  And again, it was very matter-of-fact, but like he couldn't figure out why his throat would hurt if he hadn't been smoking.  I know we've talked about how bad smoking is for a person's body, and why he should never do it, but I don't remember specifically saying it would make his throat hurt.  I guess I probably did say it, though.  It was just so cute the way he said it.  He was confused as to why I was laughing about his throat hurting, though.

On another note, I got a new little video camera for Mother's Day so that I can post video clips on here.  However, I'm having a little trouble.  I have a post all ready to go, except that the video clip is too big.  Originally it was 2:52, and I cut it down to 2:14, but it's still 145.5 MB, and apparently it can't be bigger than 100 MB.  I guess I can only get about a minute and a half on here.  Hopefully I'll get it all figured out soon!

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Laura said...

Hi, If you go to you can get an account (it's free) and you can download any size video (and flip it if you film it the wrong way) and upload it to your blog...that's how I post all my video' I've never got blogger to work for videos...ever.