Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This and That

It's been quite some time since I last posted anything, but I don't feel like anything too interesting has been happening lately.  After Mike got back from his Ozark's golf trip, a bunch of our college friends came to visit.  These are the same friends we went to Mexico with a couple of years ago (minus Dave and Laura, who sadly could not make it), and all of the guys and myself graduated from Wartburg, but not the other wives in the group.  Arch and Jenn came up Friday night and met Mike at Prairie Meadows, the horse track, where apparently Arch won big.  Saturday morning I did my best to get Arch out of bed at a decent hour by making the smoke detector go off about 10 times (which kind of freaked Zach out, as he's a little nervous ever since our small fire this past winter), but Arch, being Arch, was unperturbed by the continual beeping of the alarm and managed to stay calm in bed.  Jenn and I went and got some much needed massages that morning and returned home to find Arch still in bed.  Mike had taken the boys to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Curt's house already, so it felt like the weekend could really begin.  Not too long after Arch finally got moving did Troy and Jenny arrive from Dubuque.  Then Arch, Jen O., Troy, and Mike headed out to the golf course, even though it was raining.  Jenn A. and I headed out to the mall for some lunch and shopping.  The foursome only got about 3 holes in before they called it quits due to the cold and the rain.  So the guys played some Cornhole and I headed out to my soccer game, which also got called early due to the rain and lightning.  

Here are Arch and Troy playing Cornhole.  Notice Arch's nice throwing form.

This is obviously a different round of Cornhole, but I thought it was kind of a cool picture with the beanbag right in the foreground of the picture.

After I got back from my soccer game, we all got ready and anxiously awaited BJ and Carey's arrival.  They were late in getting there because BJ works for the KC Chiefs and had to work the draft that day.  Once they were there, we headed out to dinner and then to Blue Moon piano bar, which was awesome.  It was so fun.  It was great to see our friends again and to just hang out.  We all went to bed way too late, but I thought it was worth it.  And, Dave and Laura, in case you're wondering, there was quite a lack of bickering this time, which is a little surprising.

Since our friends were here, really nothing too exciting has gone on.  I  finally had a soccer game in nice weather at a time that was good for the boys, so they got to come watch me play.  It was nice to have some support there, though Zach told me his favorite part about the game was Melody, a friend on my team who also happens to coach his little Grasskickers thing on Friday nights.  I looked over in the fourth quarter to the sideline to see Zach happily sitting on Mel's lap, undoubtedly chatting her up about who knows what.

Since we had a whole weekend of nice weather, we did quite a bit of playing outside.

Here's Drew looking cute in a w-sit, which he is not supposed to do.

Foudy decided the nice weather was too much for her, so she decided to head under the deck.  Perhaps that's where she got the possible parasite or fungus that had her chin infected.  Actually, I think she got it from a bunny hole she was sniffing around in, but that's another story.

Zach and I got some more soccer in, too.

We've had some more good weather this week, so the boys and I have been to  a couple of different parks.  Today I was going to go work out at 5:15 a.m. (something new I'm trying, but the 4:55 a.m. alarm isn't working so well- I have a tendency to turn it off in my sleep), but I woke up at 5:12 (the class starts at 5:15), so instead this afternoon I took the boys and the dogs for a run.  It's been awhile since I've run with both boys in the double-jogger, and Drew probably weighs a fair amount more than he did in October, but it went better than I expected.  The uphills into the wind pushing 70 pounds were a little rough, but we made it through ok.  And the dogs were better on the run than I expected, too, so that helped.

In other news, Drew is 14 months old today, and he finally has 2 more teeth coming in.  One of his top front teeth broke the surface yesterday, and the other one looks like it's about to any minute.  I'm kind of sad to see these teeth come in because there's just something so cute about a kid with just his 2 bottom teeth, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to seeing him with 4 teeth as well.  Drew is walking lots now, but not more than he crawls.  He also has started nodding his head, so if I ask him a question like, "Do you want the ball?" and he does, he'll nod his head, but really it's like he's nodding his whole upper body.  It's really cute.  He also has figured out the garage door, and likes to push the button to open it.  He loves to say "bye" and wave to people, though he's sometimes a little late and does it once we are already gone.  He also might be saying "Mama" at times, but it's kind of hard to tell.  His latest favorite books are Snuggle Puppy and Can I Have a Hug.  He still won't drink whole milk.  Drew also does a little thing with his hands when he wants something, where he opens and shuts them a lot.  It's his own little sign for wanting something.  He loves trucks and airplanes.  Every time we see a truck, he shrieks and holds his hand out towards the truck.  He also is giving kisses now in addition to blowing kisses.  Tonight as he was about to go to bed, and Drew totally leaned down to give Zach a little snuggle.  It was sweet.  I think that all pretty much sums up his new tricks.

One last thing- happy birthday, Dad!  I hope you had a great day and that you get a good meal at La Loma tomorrow night!


zinncaulfield said...

Drew is doing a lot of fun things! Cam got a new flashlight for earning enough stickers on his chart. Today he said, "Put it up high so Zach doesn't get it." I said, "But Zach lives in IA and won't be coming soon." Cam said, "But I want him to come play with me." :)

Laura said...

sounds like you all had a great time. We are so sad to have missed it. I'm also glad that the bickering was kept to a minimum that weekend:-) Hopefully, we won't miss the next get together.