Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Out with Thomas

On Sunday we went to the Day Out With Thomas extravaganza up in Boone with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Curt. This was Zach's third time going with Grandma and Grandpa, and the second time for Mike and me. It was Drew's first time. Drew absolutely loves Thomas, so we thought he'd be all over it, but the idea of riding on Thomas was kind of lost on him, which wasn't surprising.

In this picture Zach and Grandma are waiting patiently for the train to depart.

Drew rode with me, and was mostly happy throughout the 20 minute or so ride. He enjoyed seeing the cows and horses as we passed a field. He also liked seeing the other trains that we passed.

Here's Zach getting a better view of the rails.

Zach and Thomas, as we waited in line for the official Thomas picture.

We took about 20 pictures of the boys in front of Thomas, but none of them turned out. First of all, Zach's at this point where it's like he can't just smile normally for a picture most of the time. He does this weird, uncomfortable smile that looks completely unnatural. Maybe the sun was bothering him; I don't know. And Drew was way too interested in looking at Thomas to turn around for a silly picture! He is a classic 18 month-old who might love to pose for a picture on one day, but vehemently refuses the next day. The same thing happens with eating his vegetables and many other things. But more about that in a future post.

Probably Drew's favorite part of the whole day was playing with the wooden train sets that were set up. He loves to do that. At times the train tables were super busy, but Drew managed to hold his own pretty well.

Zach enjoyed the bounce house.

Again, it was difficult to get a good picture of the boys together, so we got this one. At least they're both looking at the camera this time.

Both boys really liked the straw maze, but Drew was particularly interested in it.

There were two older men playing some cool folksy music, and the boys and I enjoyed enhancing their music with some instrument playing of our own. Unfortunately, about 5 minutes after we got to that tent they took a 30 minute break.

Zach, Grandma Linda, and Grandpa Curt enjoyed the magician.

Usually I try to avoid petting zoos because they seem so germ-y to me, but I'm trying to be less uptight about that, so we went right into the animal area and paid our dollar for some feed. There were tons of signs about how these animals do bite, so I felt more than a little nervous about the boys getting bitten. We all walked away with all 10 fingers intact, however. Thank goodness!

Thanks for the fun day, Curt and Linda!


Bart Burggraaf said...


Found your blog thru google alerts, do you have any Dutch ancestery? We might be related.. :)

~Bart Burggraaf

Sarah said...

Hi Bart-
My husband's family does have some Dutch ancestry, but I'm not sure to what extent. I haven't heard of too many Burggraafs!

Sandy said...

I love the picture in front on Thomas!