Wednesday, November 18, 2009

20 Minutes Ago

It's about 9:00 p.m. right now, and just about 20 minutes ago Mike and I were sitting on the love seat folding clothes and watching Modern Family when we noticed Zach standing behind us in the kitchen. We had tucked him into bed at about 8:15, so we expected him to be asleep or nearly asleep. Mike said, "Zach, what do you need, Bud?" Zach replied with, "Uh, Mom, I have something you have to get a picture of!"

Here's how he looked when he said it:

Obviously he was tickled with himself. I couldn't resist getting a quick picture of him pulling his shorts up like that. This will be a great picture to show his girlfriend one day!

So we went upstairs, and he got his stuffed animals all situated in his bed and got himself tucked in with them, and then he said he was ready for me to take a picture.

After I took this picture and showed it to Zach, he said, "Oohhh, that's cute. But I'm squinting." I told him that was ok and that it was time for him to go to sleep. He said as I was walking out the door, "I liked watching your show! It was pretty good!" We have no idea how long he was standing there, but it seems to have been a while. This isn't the first time he's snuck up on us like that, so Mike asked me when I came back downstairs what we should do to put an end to it. "Well, probably the first step is to not indulge it by taking pictures..." Sometimes I just can't resist that kid, though.


Goldenzinns said...

What is so cute are his smiles in those pictures. so sweet.

zinncaulfield said...

welcome to our world