Friday, November 6, 2009

Clips and Quotes

-"I'm speaking metaphorically, Dad." This was during a game of Sorry, after Zach told Mike he wanted to knock him off.

-Zach kept asking me to play Sorry one night, and I kept telling him, "I can't, Zach, I need to get dinner going." After the third exchange between us of saying the same thing, Zach finally said, "Why do you keep saying the same thing to me?" I said, "Well, it doesn't seem like you're understanding what I'm telling you." Zach said, "Well, just telling me the same thing over and over again isn't going to help me understand." I didn't really have anything to say to that one!

-"Mom, this makes me feel uncomfortable!" This has been said twice recently; once when we were driving to preschool and Zach thought it was taking too long, and another time when he got in trouble by Mike for being rude to Drew.

-Drew was trying to reach something that was just out of his reach. Zach was telling him to try to stick out one finger to move it closer to him. Finally I reached the ball and moved it closer to Drew, and Zach said, "Mom, you have to let him learn on his own." Parenting advice from my 4 year-old!

-A couple of years ago for Christmas I got my sisters and me matching bracelets. They are hammered sterling silver, and I had them custom made. On the outside they say "sisters" and on the inside they say "friends SRS" with a heart. SRS represents the first letter of each of our names. We all 3 wear these bracelets every day, and rarely take them off. Well, a month or two ago, I lost my bracelet. I went to my soccer game with it on, and came home and realized it wasn't on my wrist anymore. It's a daily reminder of my sisters, so I was/am very sad that I lost it. Zach was asking me about it the other day. He asked if I was going to get a new one, and I told him that I didn't know because they're kind of expensive. He said right away, "You can use some of my money, Mom." What a sweetheart! Apparently today he said to Mike, "Dad, when it's time for Mom's birthday, we should get her a new bracelet!"

I'm sure there is at least one more quote I wanted to remember, but I didn't write it down right away, and now it's gone! I feel like it was a funny one, too.

Now for a few video clips. I just uploaded all these from my camera, so they're not all new. The first two are mostly of Drew, and probably won't seem funny to most people outside of the family.

This first clip is the most recent. The first part is Drew doing his little counting to 3 and saying boo trick, and then his trick that involves hitting himself in the head. This trick always reminds me a little of Bart Simpson hitting his head against a wall repeatedly. Then it shows Zach doing a somersault and Drew doing his version of a somersault as well. Drew saw Zach doing somersaults the other day and decided to try one himself, and this is what he came up with.

Although this shows water right now, once you click on it you'll see it's actually a clip of Drew watching the beginning of Dancing With the Stars one night. Drew and Zach love to see the dancing, and Drew enjoys dancing along with the people on the show.

This one really is of some of the dolphins we saw in Key West a couple of months ago.

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