Saturday, November 14, 2009

Throw-Down At Panchero's

Today we had an appointment to see our family picture proofs, and afterward we stopped at Panchero's for lunch. We'd never been there as a family; only Mike had eaten there before. So as we stood in line looking at the menu, Zach asked if he could go save us a table. It was a small place, so I told him that'd be fine. So Mike, Drew, and I got the food ordered and were waiting up at the counter while our food was made. After a few minutes I looked out to check on Zach. It took me a few (slightly nervous) seconds of scanning the room to find him, and when I did I was definitely surprised at what I saw. There was 4 year-old Zach, playing tug-of-war over a chair with another kid, probably 4 or 5 years-old. I could tell Zach was fighting hard to keep hold of that chair, but it seemed like the other kid was, too. From what I could see, Zach had on his best mean face. My eyes grew wide and I quickly told Mike he needed to go figure out what was going on. A few seconds later I heard Zach start crying, and he and Mike came back up to the counter. According to Zach, he went and picked this table for us to sit at. Then he tried to get a highchair for Drew (totally of his own accord, which I thought was nice), and a lady at another table helped him with that. He was standing next to the table when this little boy came up and told Zach his family was sitting there, and then the boy tried to pull the chair away from Zach. I know that family wasn't sitting there, because they were in line behind us. Zach started crying when Mike went and got him because it meant he had to give up the table he was fighting so hard for. Zach later said, "I was so busy fighting that I forgot to block that guy." It probably was good he didn't try to block him, because then we might have really had a brawl. As we got our food we noticed there was nobody at that same table, so we sat there. Mike was getting drinks when that same little boy came up to the boys and me at the table and said, "We're sitting at this table." I said back, "Actually, we're sitting here, Bud." He didn't argue with me, just said, "Ok," and then left the restaurant with his family. Funny kid- it seems like he was just trying to start trouble, because his family didn't even stay to eat! Looking over and seeing Zach and this kid fighting over the table was so hilarious, like something out of a sitcom. I could see this sort of thing on Seinfeld or something. Anyway, every time I replay it in my mind I start cracking up. Zach, my little table warrior. I love that kid.


BJ & Carey said...

Hilarious! Panchero's is definitely brawl-worthy - you should be proud of Zach!

Goldenzinns said...

Way to go Zach! We need to go there next time. Did you like the food?

Laura said...

Oh, poor Zach...I feel bad for him....fighting bullies for his family's table. He sure sounds like he has a heart of gold.

Pancheros said...

That is quite the story! Sounds like your son Zach has quite a bit of fight in him. ;)
Hope you enjoyed the food and your visit despite the unfortunate brawl. At least no one was injured.

zinncaulfield said...

I see a Joe's fight in Zach's future!