Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drew's Own American Idol Audition

Drew decided he didn't care that he does not meet the minimum age requirement for American Idol; he was going to audition anyway.
Randy said, "Yo, dawg, I like how you added your own style at the end there. That was cool, man, but I don't know if I'm feelin' it."

Simon said (be sure to read this in a British accent), "If we were looking for the winner of a toddler pageant, that would have been quite good, but we're looking for the next American Idol. I think the chicks will like you."

Kara said, "That was very honest. I could tell you were feeling it."

And if Paula were still there, she would have said, "Shut up, Simon! Drew, it was a little pitchy, but you know, it's just so amazing that a young child like you could come and sing for us. You're like a bright light in a winding, dark tunnel, shining into the sky, shining on the birds flying and the clouds floating overhead, illuminating everything around you. And, I, well, you moved me."


BJ & Carey said...

Absolutely hilarious Zinner!

Laura said...

You crack me up! So glad your blog gives me something to read when all my pts ditch me! :)

P.S. Why didn't I get a sampling of the "practice" cake?!?!