Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poultry Pork

I was shredding some chicken the other day at the kitchen table when Zach walked into the room.
Z- "Whatcha doing?"
Me- "Shredding this chicken for dinner tonight. We're having chicken and noodles."
Z- "Oh. Do you have to wash your hands after you touch it?"
Me- "No, it's already cooked."
Z- "Ok. I'm just gonna have a little taste." Takes a little pinch and eats it. "That's one good pig!"
Me- Slightly confused, wondering if I heard him correctly. "What?"
Z- "That's one good pig!"
Me- Laughing. "It's not a pig!"
Z- Kind of annoyed with me. "Yes, it is!"
Me- Laughing, making Zach more annoyed. "No, it's a chicken!"
Z- Annoyed. "Yeah, but it comes from a pig!"
Me- Laughing so hard I can barely talk. "Honey, no, it's a chicken!"
Z- Totally annoyed with me. "I know that, but it comes from a pig!"
Me- "No, honey, pork comes from pigs, chicken comes from chickens!"
Z- Starting to smile ever so slightly. "Oh."

It was a great moment.

And now that Drew's really talking, I feel I should put in a quote from him. The following are 2 examples of conversations that occur quite frequently these days.

D- "Wy-wy."
Me- "Fire engine?"
D- "Yeah."
Me- "What does a fire engine do?
D- "Wy-wy. Shoot."
Me- "What does a fire engine shoot?"
D- "Shoot wa-wa."
Me- "A fire engine shoots water?"
D- "Yeah. Wy-wy shoot wa-wa."

Drew and I have this conversation probably 3-5 times a day, though lately it's changing slightly. For example, now sometimes he jokes and says, "Shoot juice." And I play along, saying, "A fire engine shoots juice?" He loves playing that joke on me. He also now says it quickly, so it runs together, saying, "shoowa-wa."

The fire engine story has recently almost been replaced by this conversation:
D- "Kee-keen."
Me- "Lightning McQueen?" (The man car in the movie Cars, in case you didn't know.)
D- "Yeah. Kee-Keen. Hook."
Me- "Did Lightning McQueen get hooked?"
D- "Yeah. Kee-keen. Hook. Truck."
Me- "Lightning McQueen got hooked by a truck?"
D- "May-may."
Me- "Did Lightning McQueen get hooked by Mater, the tow truck?"
D- "Yeah."

It's funny how many times we can have these conversations in a day. Sometimes Drew reminds me of my Grandma Lenore, when she had Alzheimer's and would tell a story, and then 10 minutes later tell the exact same story in exactly the same words and inflection. It's like Drew is a broken record or something. It's pretty fun, though.

Here's a video of Drew saying some of these things. He is suddenly big into cranes and especially hooks. He likes to "hook" all sorts of things, as you will see in this video. We also ask him about colors, but he doesn't play along this time. He knows orange, blue, and green usually. He loves Elmo and Ernie, but instead of saying Ernie, he does Ernie's laugh. Oh, and he loves the song from "Elmo's World" and Ernie's Rubber Ducky song.

This was intended to be a really short post with just the quotes, but then since this video went perfectly with Drew's quotes, I thought I had to put it on, and now I'll be going to bed late AGAIN! I edited the video really quickly because it's so late, just clipping it before you have to endure too much of my singing.

Now I've got to get to bed. Another snow day tomorrow with high temperatures predicted to be 3 degrees BELOW zero, so I don't think I'll be too busy going out of the house! Maybe the boys will sleep in... yeah, right! They'll do that on Monday, when Zach has preschool or some day when I have an early appointment to get to.


Laura said...

LOVE the conversations with Drew. They are just precious.

My kids do the same thing...up at dawn on days when we have NOTHING to do, but on days we need to get up and out of the house, they sleep. It never fails.

Wehrenberg Family Blog said...

ADORABLE! What a cutie!!