Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Videos in One

Drew is almost two, which means he's at that age where he does so many things that we think are just hilarious. His personality just comes out more and more each day. I'm trying to get lots of Drew on video lately because of all these funny things he's doing. I feel kind of bad that I'm not getting as much of Zach on video, but then I remind myself that I did video of Zach more when he was almost two.

Anyway, here's a video of Drew that is meant to be two videos, but I'm still getting the hang of uploading videos to One True Media. The first part shows Drew talking about Lightning McQueen. I like how this part shows Drew trying to get some crayons put away just right, because that is how Drew is. He is great at cleaning up and wants things put away just so. It's kind of cute. The second part of the video shows Drew doing this funny voice. Over the last week or so, Drew has suddenly started switching into this deep, gravelly voice and saying, "," and he does it for no rhyme or reason, just out of the blue. It cracks me up. I told Mike about it the other day, and then at bath time we got Drew to perform for us.

Drew also sings with me almost every night/nap time, and I'm working on getting a video of that. I have one, but it has an awful lot of my voice singing on it, and I'd rather not post that!

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BJ & Carey said...

BJ and I dig the gravely-voiced Drew!