Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wartburg Night At the Zoo

Friday night was Wartburg night at the zoo here, and Wartburg is where Mike and I went to college. So, we talked to our friends Ross and Kristin, who also went to Wartburg, and our friends BJ and Carey (BJ went to Wartburg), and we all decided to go together. BJ and Carey ended up getting delayed at their son Charlie's doctor's appointment, so they unfortunately were not able to join us, and they were missed. But Ross and Kristin and their kids Caleb and Jenna met us there, and the 8 of us had a great time wandering around the zoo. I think Zach and Caleb probably had the best time- after seeing each other 4x a week during the school year, these two boys hadn't seen each other for over 2 weeks. They got themselves good and worn out, running all over the zoo. I also really enjoyed seeing Kristin again, because I used to see her about 4 times a week when she came to my house to pick Caleb up after school, and it was great to catch up again.

I took the camera along but only took a couple of pictures. I am so glad I had it, though, because one of those pictures was this awesome one of a peacock that walked right by us, and then I turned around and it was like he was flashing us. He didn't have his feathers up when he initially walked by us, so I'm glad I turned around!

When we finished up at the zoo I made sure to get a picture of our kids in their Wartburg orange. Maybe they're all future Knights, but if they're not, that's ok. Just as long as they don't go to Luther, anyway.

Soup, Carey, and Charlie- you were missed!

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