Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The State Fair

The state fair in Iowa is a big deal, a much bigger deal than the Colorado State Fair ever seemed to me when I was growing up. So I think I've gone to the fair here every year since I graduated from college (which was 10 years ago!), and it's interesting, but I can't spend hours upon hours there. First of all, it's always incredibly hot and humid during the fair, and while Mike loves to go for the food, I'm not so much into eating a bunch of seriously overpriced fried food. I have found certain things I enjoy eating there, though, so it's not like my arm has to be twisted too much. And I enjoy taking the boys to see the animals at the fair.

So on Friday my parents came back to my house from my sister's place in Minnesota, and the plan was to give them their first taste of the Iowa State Fair. It was very rainy all morning, so we were worried we would be rained out in the evening, but the rain stopped and it was actually perfect weather- not terribly hot and humid, which was awesome. Mike's parents had even scored some free tickets for us, so we didn't even have to pay to get in, which was really awesome. We enjoyed our various fair foods (my personal favorite being the "Monkey Tail," a chocolate and sprinkle covered frozen banana), saw some animals, and checked out the butter cow. I think a lot of us really enjoyed seeing the baby pigs that were just minutes to an hour old. Drew thought that was really cool. He also liked seeing the horses. He kept asking before we left if there would be giraffes there, but thankfully he didn't seem too disappointed when there weren't any. We didn't take the camera, so all pictures came from Mike's phone and aren't of the best quality.

The boys enjoyed petting this little baby goat.

The past couple of years Mike and I have enjoyed taking Zach on this huge slide. This year Mike had to go solo since pregnant women can't ride the slide. Drew willingly went up the stairs, but I could see once all three were at the top that he wasn't so willing to go down. If you click on the photo you can see him standing off to the far left side while Mike puts the potato sack down. I knew this wasn't a good sign.

Somehow Mike convinced Drew to get on the potato sack, or maybe he didn't and he just grabbed him and went; I'm still not sure. Either way, they came down the slide.

I wondered as they got towards the bottom if Drew was enjoying the slide or not.

Clearly, he was not.

He said, "That slide too fast for me!" He was happy to let Zach and Dad go again and to watch from the bottom with me.

The rides at the fair are like the food- seriously overpriced. Zach really wanted to ride on the skylift, but Mike and I remembered it as being outrageously expensive, so we said no this time. Plus, it was getting late. We couldn't resist, however, when he wanted to do the climbing wall.

He did a pretty good job and got pretty high for a five year-old. The high school kid helping him was great and really helpful.

Some of the hand/foot holdings were spaced a little too far apart for Zach to get really high, and eventually his little legs and arms just plain got too tired to go any higher. It was fun to watch him, though.

I think my parents enjoyed their first taste of the Iowa State Fair. Mike's parents are avid fair-goers and were out there at the same time as us, so we even got to see them some, which was nice for everyone.

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