Friday, August 27, 2010

That Drew

Drew is saying some funny things lately, and it reminds me so much of the kind of things Zach used to say that would crack us up. Here are a few I wanted to write down so I'd remember them later:

- Drew- "Mom, can I get the waarmelon (watermelon)?" Me- "Oh, sweetie, I think it's too heavy for you." Drew- "I have strong muscles for it!"

-After pooping in the potty tonight, "I have two poops! That little one look like Mickey Mouse ears!"

-Drew- "Mine big brudder named Zach will help take care of the baby." Me- "What about you? Will you help take care of the baby?" Drew- "No, I too little." Drew is definitely stuck between sort of wanting to be big and sort of wanting to be little. He says often, "I not big boy. I still little." This often comes after I try to talk up wearing big boy underwear.

-A couple of kids tried to play with Drew at the playground. Drew said to the first one, "You not my friend." I told him that wasn't nice, and that we can be friends with everyone. To the second kid, he said, "You not my friend. You not mine big brudder named Zach." It appears Drew thinks only Zach can be his friend. It's kind of sweet and kind of sad at the same time.

-Drew had a great day today of wearing underwear. It started yesterday afternoon, when it was like it suddenly clicked how to make the urine actually come out of his penis on purpose. He then wore underwear with (who else?) Lightning McQueen on it, and any time the underwear was off, I'd have Lightning "talk" to Drew, saying things like, "Don't potty on me, ok, Drew?" or "Way to go pottying on the potty, Drew! Ka-chow!" Honestly, I think the idea of not pottying on McQueen has been as motivating as anything to Drew. Funny. Anyway, tonight he had his first accident, and we didn't make a big deal about it, but he said as he pulled his underwear off, "Lightning not very happy." It was cute. I figure there's no turning back now- it's got to be all underwear, all the time, aside from when he's sleeping, because I don't think he's ready for that yet.

-Tonight Drew and I sat down to read a book called Jesus is With Me. It's a cute book where the little boy talks about how Jesus us always with him, whether he's going to town, playing, taking a bath, etc. The illustrations are cute- there's the little boy and his two little dogs (they resemble Westies) in each picture. So tonight I read the first page- "Jesus is with me wherever I go, I read the Bible and that's how I know." Drew pointed to one of the dogs and said, "There's his dog Jesus!" Since the dogs are with him wherever he goes, Drew thinks one of the dog's names is Jesus! Hilarious! I could not stop giggling. It was just too cute. The book was given to Zach when he was baptized, and we've read it with both boys countless times, so it's funny to me that Zach never made this connection, or if he did, he never mentioned it.

-Some of Drew's most commonly said phrases:
-"Hey Mama-" or "Hey Maggie-" (both refer to me)
-"But wait! I have idea!"
-"Can you please stop talking, Mama." (This is when he wants to talk and needs me to stop so he can say his part.)
-"You not making good choice, Zach!"
-"I actually..." (Our college friends have got to love this one!)

-Drew and Zach play this game where they make "mad faces" at each other and they get all cracked up. Sometimes Drew asks me to play, and it is kind of funny. Here is a picture of Drew attempting his mad face, but not really controlling his smile very well.

Zach did a little better job of demonstrating his mad face.

Man, I love his little 2 and a half year-old personality- most of the time. I'm happy to report that the fits have seriously dwindled, thank goodness! As soon as Drew starts flipping out, I try to tell him, "Use your words," and that usually works pretty well.

I wasn't sure how it would be for Drew and me getting back in the swing of things now that Zach's at school every day, but the time goes quickly, and Drew and I have fun together. It's nice to spend that one-on-one time with him, and I feel like he and Zach play better when they're together, maybe because they've missed each other all morning. They really are having a great time together lately, and it is just so fun to listen to. I think Zach has helped Drew to develop a great imagination.

Here's Drew yesterday morning eating a juicy plum while Zach was at school. The kid would eat nothing but fruit all day long if I'd let him, yet he still goes days without pooping. Go figure. It's just another little unpredictable piece of the puzzle that makes Drew so unique, I guess.

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