Sunday, November 14, 2010

Football and a Princess Movie

Suddenly fall is upon us. The last couple of days have been cold and dreary. This morning there were actually a few flakes coming down, even. I've heard the Farmer's Almanac says it's going to be a hard winter, so I guess I should appreciate any temperature over 30 degrees.

Today we had our friends BJ, Carey, and Charlie over to watch the Hawkeye game. Although the game was a total disappointment, we had a good time hanging out. Drew mostly kept to himself, but Zach seemed to enjoy playing with Charlie.

Charlie sure is a cutie!

We didn't really have a plan for dinner, so we did a classic standby- grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Mike was our chef tonight, and as he served the boys their dinner, Drew said, "Thank you for making dinner, Dad." A week or so ago we grilled burgers for dinner, and while I often do the grilling, on this particular night, Mike did it, and that night, too, as we were eating, one of the boys (Zach, I think) thanked Mike for making dinner. I'm going to complain just a little now- I plan all the meals in this house, do all the grocery shopping, and basically make all the meals (even when I'm not going to be here I often have a meal ready or at least planned for the boys and Mike), yet I never get thanked for making anything! All Mike has to do is help prepare something I planned, and suddenly the boys are so thankful. What's up with that?

Anyway, after dinner we decided to do a family movie night. Some friends loaned us the movie Wall-E, but for whatever reason, the boys didn't really want to watch it. Drew was lobbying for Cars again, but I said no to that. I ended up picking one of my favorites- Cinderella. The boys had never seen it, though Zach had seen a tiny bit of it once at the doctor's office. They protested half-heartedly at first, with Zach saying, "Well, we're not really into princesses, Mom." But I put it on anyway. Even Mike had never seen Cinderella before.

Here they are as the movie got started.

It didn't take long (once the mice entered the movie, basically) for the boys to be interested. And I won't go so far as to say that Lightning McQueen will be replaced on Drew's list of favorites, but I think Cinderella could run a close second to Cars. I've never seen Drew so engrossed in a movie. He especially loved watching the mice try to stay out of Lucifer the cat's paws.

This picture was taken during another cat/mouse scene, where Drew was waving his hands back and forth in excitement/anticipation of what would happen to those cute mice.

Clearly he didn't like what the cat (or maybe it was the stepsisters) was doing here.

Despite the female lead, Zach got into the movie, too.

Drew was on the edge of his seat.

Mike was less excited. He took a little nap, and when I tried to get a picture of it, the sound of the camera beeping and the pre-flash flash woke him up.

In the end, the boys decided it was a good movie. Someday I'll get them to watch Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, too. Maybe if this baby's a girl I'll have a lot easier time, but maybe now that they've seen that one princess movie is ok they'll be more open-minded to the others.

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Jen O said...

Nothing wrong w/ a man in touch w/ his feminine side! Kudos to you as their mother for enstilling traits their wives will be very thankful for some day Zinner!!!!