Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a Couple of Quotes/Stories

Time for a few more funny/interesting quotes/stories from the boys (primarily Drew).

-Last week Zach came down with pink eye on Thursday. Mike left town to go teach a class in northern Minnesota early Friday morning. Drew was fine until about noon on Friday, at which point he told me that his ear itched. About 20 minutes later, he was telling me that it hurt, and about 15 minutes after that he was pretty much inconsolable because his ear hurt so badly and his throat hurt, too. We left play group to go straight to the pediatrician's office, though Drew protested vehemently. We got to the office and he started in right away, "I feel better, Mama!" but then in the next minute he'd say, "My ear hurts!" Then he'd go back to saying he felt better, and he'd tell me, "I not want to see the doctor. Doctors are mean." It's so bizarre how a little guy like Drew can get that idea, when 99% of his trips to the pediatrician have been for well-child visits. Sadly, Drew had an ear infection and spots on his throat. The pediatrician didn't do a throat culture, so I don't know if he had strep or not. The doctor prescribed a more concentrated antibiotic so that Drew would only have to take it once a day, and thank goodness for that. The first 5 days he resisted but did ok with the medicine, but the last 2 days he has woken up in the morning and literally the first words out of his mouth have been, "I not want to take my medicine, Mama," and I have had to basically pin him down on the stairs, hold his hands down, and pour it into his mouth. The weird thing is, once it's in his mouth, he doesn't seem to hate it that much. In his mind, though, his ear doesn't hurt anymore, so why should he have to take the medicine? It's tough to argue about that with a two year-old.

-Drew was in the bathroom pooping, and I went in to check on him. He said to me, serious as can be, "Watch out, Mom." I said, "Watch out?" He said, "Yeah. Go out of here 'cause it stinks 'cause I going poop." He didn't have to tell me twice!

-Speaking of stinking, last week one day when Drew woke up from his nap, Mike went up to check on him and get him out of bed (he can get out of bed on his own, but he never does- he waits for us to come get him). They snuggled for a bit, and then Drew said to Mike, "Get out of mine bed, Dad. You stinky." He was serious, too. So I went up to Drew's room, and he let me sit with him for a bit, and I asked why he wanted Dad to leave. He said, "'Cause he boring."

-This is really not a good story, because I can't remember the details, but recently I thought Drew was saying something was horrible. The way he said it sounded like "hurrible," though. Turns out he was telling me things were "hurtable."

-At lunch the other day the boys started telling me how they want Pillow Pets for Christmas. I'd heard of them, but really didn't know what they were. I figured Zach had heard about them at school, but Drew seemed to know a lot about them, too. Turns out they'd seen a commercial sometime for these things. They were excitedly telling me which pet they wanted, and then Zach said, "And Mom, you give it one hug and you'll fall in love!" Zach sure was puzzled when I laughed out loud at that, but obviously he'd picked up on a tag line. Good advertising!

-Drew has been saying today that if our baby is a boy, we'll give him a warm blanket, but if it's a girl, she'll get a cold blanket. Not sure what that's about.

-Zach was very proud about the picture he drew in his Guidance class today, which was a picture of our family. He told me right away when I picked him up from school, "Mom, I drew the whole family, including the baby and the dogs!" So tonight I was asking him to tell me who everybody was in the picture, and he realized he had drawn Mike, me with the baby on my arm, himself, and the two dogs, but no Drew. Classic- he thinks of the dogs and the unborn baby, but not the little brother who's been here for 2+ years!

I'm pretty sure there are some other funny things Drew has said lately- he is constantly cracking us up- but I can't think of them right now and I haven't been great about writing them down. There could be an part 2 to this post in a few days.

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