Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9 Month Check-Up

Drew had his 9 month well-baby visit today.  Sadly, he's not all that well.  I mean developmentally he's fine, but that poor kid has the worst cold, and his nose is just getting raw from all the kleenex wiping I have to do.  He also has an ear infection, so now he's on the lovely pink Amoxicillan.  Today our pediatrician, Dr. Adam Secory, was a guy Mike and I went to Wartburg with, so that was neat.  Dr. Secory/Adam (normally I don't call the doctor by his/her first name, but since we're friends with Adam, I think it's ok) did a great job with Drew, but Drew didn't do so great with Adam.  He wasn't terrible, but I thought it was pretty clear that Drew wasn't feeling that great and wasn't happy to be there being poked and prodded.  He didn't appreciate Adam looking in his ears at all, which hasn't been an issue in the past.  He also really did not appreciate when the doctor had to do a little extra manipulation, if you will, on Drew's circumcision site.  We've been a little concerned that we might have to have his circumcision redone, but it seems that with a little extra separating of the skin on a daily basis and some Vaseline, we should be able to avoid it.  And all the men reading this just took a collective sigh of relief, after they cringed, right?  Anyway, after Adam did that with Drew, Drew really wasn't happy, and the ear-looking came after that.  Then the poor kid had to get 2 shots, but he handled them well.  Hopefully the Amoxicillan will help his ears and maybe his cold will take a turn for the better soon, too.  

Here are Drew's stats:
-28.5 inches long (56th percentile), which is one half inch longer than Zach was at 9 months.
-20 pounds even (40th percentile), which is 1 lb. 10 oz. heavier than Zach was at 9 months.
-Head circumference is 46.5 cm (80th percentile), which is 1 cm larger than Zach's at 9 months.

So, Drew is still keeping up in being bigger than Zach was.  Before the appointment started they had filling out a  developmental checklist with Drew, where I had to see if he could do certain things.  It was pretty interesting.  For the most part he scored right where he should be.  There were a couple of categories that were on the low side, but it was actually a 10 month checklist (that's just what they have), so since it was his 9 month appointment, Adam said not to be worried.  I also found out that Drew can pretty much eat what we're eating, with a few exceptions (things that are high-allergy foods, like strawberries, egg whites, etc.).  So tonight Drew tried peas and he liked them.  That surprised me because he didn't like pureed peas when we tried them months ago.  I think he just likes being able to feed himself.

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