Monday, December 22, 2008

Preschool Program

Ok, I said last week that I'd post about Zach's Christmas program at preschool, and I never did.  I've been kind of lazy about it because I didn't really get any good pictures, and I don't think I'll be able to post any video, so it kind of takes the fun out of it.  The program was really cute.  It was 2 or 3 classes of 3 year-olds (I think they were all 3, but now I'm not sure) singing probably 6 songs.  Of course I realized a couple of days ago that I didn't save a program.  What kind of a mother am I?  Oh well.  Zach was right in the front row and did a super job with the hand movements and singing most of the words.  There was one nerve-wracking moment where Zach reached down, pulled out the waistband of his pants, and started to put his hands down his pants.  I thought, "Oh my gosh, he's in the FRONT ROW, and he's going to stuff his hands all the way down his pants!"  Thankfully, he just attempted to tuck his sweater in.  I have no idea why he suddenly thought his sweater needed tucking in, but I didn't care.  I was just thankful he wasn't doing something totally inappropriate and embarrassing.  Mike and I could not stop laughing at that, which wasn't a good thing, since we were both videotaping.  We're not totally obsessed; Mike was taping with his parents' camera, and I was taping with ours.  Unfortunately, I don't think I can download a clip from either of those onto my computer, hence no video clip on here.

Here are a couple of pictures from Zach's program.  He's in the front row, bottom right-hand corner, with the navy and white striped sweater.  This far-away shot was about as close as I could zoom, which further convinced Mike that we need a better camera.  

Here's Zach enjoying a little treat after his program.

And here is Zach making a necklace.  My sisters and I used to make a lot of bead jewelry, so I thought they would be proud that my son is already following in our footsteps.  He was so excited when I realized I had these beads, and he started listing who he was going to make necklaces for.  I told him to take it one necklace at a time, and then I asked whose he was making first.  "Mine, because I love me.  Don't you?" he said.  "Don't I love you?" I said as I laughed.  "Yeah, don't you love me?" he said.  "I sure do, Zach."  It cracked me up.  At least he doesn't have any self-loathing, right?

Other than that, nothing much has gone on here.  We pretty much tried to stay inside this weekend because it has been so very cold here.  Mike and I were supposed to go to my college friend Katrina's wedding on Saturday, but sadly, the weather prevented us from going.  The wedding was a couple of hours away, and there was snow and lots of wind and icy roads.  The DOT website said that conditions were hazardous and that the road could not be distinguished from its surroundings, so no wedding for us.  I was very bummed, as I really wanted to go to celebrate with Katrina and Steve and I wanted to hang out with my college girlfriends and their husbands.  

Now we're busy with trying to get ready for Christmas.  Lots to do, and not lots of time!  I am dreading the plane ride to Colorado because we take off after Drew's bedtime, but whatever.  I'm doing my best to not get super stressed about it.  I'm not doing a very good job, but at least I'm trying, right?  I'm dealing with the stress by eating all the meringues I made this weekend.  I'll take any excuse I can find to eat cookies.  But every time I take a new cookie, I tell myself that meringues are very low in fat, so what's the harm?  And in case you're wondering, I don't count calories.


Laura said...

Merry Christmas Sarah. Good luck on your flight!!!!

Goldenzinns said...

Stop eating those cookies and pack them up for your family in Colorado. I know they would love to enjoy them with you:-)