Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Outside

First, a better picture of Drew standing on his own.  Notice I had to distract him with something in his hands again.

The last 2 days we had really nice weather.  It was in the mid to upper 50's, and sunny.  Tuesday we got to go for a walk/bike ride (Zach rode his bike while I pushed Drew in the stroller and walked the dogs) with our friend Molly and her son Cooper.  Yesterday was even nicer and we got lots of time outside.  I picked up dog poop because today was trash day and the weather was supposed to get crappy again (and it did), so I thought it'd be good to stay on top of that lovely job.  While I did this Zach played on his playset, and once Drew woke up from his morning nap, he got to play outside, too.  Then we had lunch, ran an errand, and came back and did some sidewalk chalk.  After naps we took the dogs for another walk and then grilled burgers for dinner.  Sigh.  Is it spring yet?

Here are some highlights from our time playing outside yesterday morning.

I'm looking forward to this summer because Drew clearly enjoys his swing, so I think we'll be spending lots of time outside once it gets warm enough to do so.  Here are Drew and our own little Bono having some fun.

Zach was shaking Drew's swing in this picture, and Drew was just cracking up.

Maggie loves her krisbee, as Zach calls it.  You can just barely see the frisbee right above her head in this picture if you enlarge it.  Getting a picture of Maggie catching the frisbee was like taking a picture of Drew standing.  I had to throw the frisbee way up, so it would take a little longer coming down and allow me time to get the camera to my eye and focused.  

Finally, a few Zach moments from the past few days:
1. Zach clearly listens when I don't realize it.  He's been doing all this "racing" around the house lately, where he basically runs laps and wants me to give the play-by-play, complete with all the other imaginary racers.  Sometimes the racers are his cousin Cam, sometimes they're friends, sometimes they're Kermit, Gonzo, etc.  Anyway, he mentioned the other day that he has a half-marathon to run in, and later he told Mike, "Well, I have another race today.  I already paid for it, so I really should do it."  Mike's response?  "You are your mother's kid, that's for sure!"
2. Yesterday as we were getting ready to go outside and play, Zach said to me, "And when we come back in, if Drew's still asleep, I want you to paint my toes for me."  I knew Drew would not still be sleeping when we came back in, so I wasn't worried.  I did tell Zach that usually just girls paint their nails, and he said, "But you'll do it for me, right?"  Well, of course he forgot about it until later that night when he saw my bare feet and said, "Oh!  We forgot to paint my toenails!"  
3. Yesterday morning I had a headache, so I was a little grumpy.  I was getting Drew ready for his nap, and Zach was in the room with us blowing on this bath toy that's a flute.  It was making this loud, high-pitched sound, and I said, "Zach!  You need to go out of here with that.  I have a headache and that's not helping!"  Zach's reply was, "Well, I wasn't trying to help!"  
4.  Zach and Mike were tossing a ball back and forth last night when Zach said to Mike, "Do you need to go potty?"  Mike told him no and asked why Zach asked.  "Well, you were kind of dancing around."  Mike had been sitting there on the floor kind of moving his feet back and forth, just like Zach does when he has to go.  It brought a smile to our faces.


Laura said... old is Zach...he just cracks me up..he's wise beyond his years:-) Cutie boys you have there, wish we could spend some time with them in person.

Sandy said...

Loved the stories, I especially laughed about the flute and not trying to help!