Friday, February 20, 2009

When Zach Grows Up- pt. 2

Zach has had an ongoing list of things he wants to be when he grows up for some time now.  The kid plans on being busy, but I'll try to remember everything:
-A work theracalpist like his dad (physical therapist- he has a little trouble saying that)
-A soccer player
-A Rockette

Last week he added semi-truck driver to that list.  It was kind of a funny conversation, because he was telling me how he wanted to drive a semi with "all colors" on it so it'd be really neat looking.  He talked about how his truck would take things to the grocery store, and how he would drive it around during the day, and then come home to our house at night.  He said he'd put a car seat in it in case we needed to go anywhere with Drew.  I loved how in his mind, he was grown up, but the rest of us had not aged at all, and he still lived at our house.  It's interesting to see how that little brain works.

Tonight we were getting ready to go to a birthday party, and I was feeding Drew dinner and giving Zach a little snack while Mike got ready.  The plan was that next I would go up and get ready, because I was still in my t-shirt and sweatshirt.  Zach said to me, "Yeah, Mom, you gotta go change.  You can't go to the party in your sweats."  So I asked what I should wear, and he said, "Maybe that pink shirt with the fuzzies."  He meant my pink sweater.  I picked the purple one and my black boots, which I don't wear very often, and Zach approved.  When he saw my boots, he said, "OH!  I LOVE those boots!"  Then he saw my bare feet and my newly painted toenails, and he said, "Mom!  Your toes look so pretty!"  He's going to make a great husband some day, I think.

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Wehrenberg Family Blog said...

What a Sweetheart!!

We painted Maren's toenails the other day - she is one proud little girl! Naturally, Cale became a little jealous. I told him boys don't wear nail polish and he insisted he could go to the store and find some boy colors! Yeah, he's right, but I don't think Daddy would approve.