Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2001

Mike and I have been married for 8 years today.  I say it on every milestone, but man, time flies.  Here we are (Mike especially, I think), looking like we're about 15 years-old.  We got married in a church in Colorado, not far from my parents' house.  I went to a wedding at this church when I was about 14 and knew I wanted to get married there someday.  Directly behind the altar there are floor to ceiling windows with an amazing view of the mountains.  When you're driving west of Denver on I-70, you go past Golden and get near Genesee, you go under several overpasses.  You go under this one by a buffalo overlook, and it's like heaven is laid out before you, because suddenly the Rocky Mountains are in full view in front if you.  Before that exit you really can't see the mountains because the road just isn't at the right angle or something.  This is the same view you see out of the windows behind the altar, but you can't really tell in this picture.

I remember our wedding day as being a great day in general.  My mom made my wedding dress, and the night before the wedding she had to do a bunch of alterations to a couple of bridesmaid dresses because the seamstress seemed to mess a couple of them up.  About the biggest problem I can remember is that the stupid wedding planner (who came with the church, because it's a very popular wedding place) sent the bridesmaids down the aisle without the groomsmen, or maybe vice versa.  Either way, they were supposed to go down as couples, but she messed that up, and that annoyed me.  But other than that and the fact that I didn't love my hair but was too chicken to tell the hair lady that, I'd say the day went off without a hitch, so to speak.  It was a fun day.

Thanks for 8 wonderful years, Mike!  Love you!

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Wehrenberg Family Blog said...

Aww - look at you youngsters! I can think of one more thing that went wrong that day.... but let's not talk about it, K? ;)

Love you guys!