Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun

The hot weather has brought lots of fun times outside lately.  Last week we set up our pool for the first time, and they boys couldn't be happier.  Drew loves pouring water on himself and having it poured on him by someone else.

We put the pool right at the bottom of the slide, and with a little water squirted on the slide, it makes a sweet, fast water slide.  

The first time Zach went down it, I thought he might cry, but he laughed and said it was fun.  I asked him to go again so I could videotape it, and he wasn't into it.  Our neighbor come over and asked him to do it for her, and he did.  Later when Mike got home, Zach was happy to go down again, too, so it seems he's all for it if he has an audience of 2 or more adults.  A couple of days ago it was my turn to host playgroup, and the kids absolutely loved the slide into the pool.  It was quite a hit.  

I'm still new at this whole posting videos thing, so instead of posting 2 separate videos like I wanted to, I somehow made these into 1 video.  Oops.  Anyway, here's Zach going down the slide and Maggie enjoying the pool while looking for her frisbee.
Drew is getting better and better at feeding himself with a fork and spoon, but he still gets a little messy.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th picture of Drew with pudding all over his face that I've posted, but it's just too cute not to.

This is how Drew eats olives.  We think it's very cute as well, especially because it's something he started totally on his own.  

Later this week I'll get some t-ball stuff up.  I've sort of let myself fall behind on blogging- I've just been lazy, I guess.


zinncaulfield said...

Looks fun. Cam will love to do that in August.

Laura said...

cute fun. FYI..I've had that same problem with the videos and I've found that you have to log in and out after each video you upload, so that you can upload a different one...or they all run together under the same montage. (I'm sure there's a different way to do it, but I haven't figured it out yet)

Wehrenberg Family Blog said...

I love summer fun! Great pictures!! Some day I'll get an update on our blog - Ryan's been after me. :)